Chapter – 44

Screenshot-2After Tristan helps Shelly flee the castle, he finds Melina and Arthur. Since everyone is meeting in the study, including the guards, he figures now would be the perfect time to help them escape the Lycans. First he unlocks the door to the room that is holding Arthur, then he unlocks, and opens the door to Melina’s room.

Screenshot“You two need to come with me,” Tristan tells Arthur and Melina. “What about our mother and father?” Melina asks. “I already helped your mother escape, now it’s your turn to go,” he explains. “What of our father?” Arthur asks. “There’s no time to explain! Your mother has all the answers to your questions. You must go now, before they notice your gone!” He commands.

Screenshot-3“Aren’t you coming with us?” Melina asks. “I can’t right now, I will meet up with you as soon as I can, I promise,” he tells her as he gives her a goodbye kiss, and leads her towards the woods.

Screenshot-4 Tristan goes back to research more potions just in case something should go wrong with Lestat’s transformation. He knows he needs to be prepared for anything that can go wrong.

Screenshot-5When daylight approaches, Austin heads to the room Shelly was being held in only to find her gone, and Lestat laying in a deep sleep on her bed. He then storms off to find Tristan.

Screenshot-6As he enters the research lab, he finds Tristan doing his research on potions. “Where is she?” Austin shouts. “Where’s who?” Tristan plays dumb. “Don’t you play dumb with me! You’re the only one that would help her!” He yells.

Screenshot-7“She had to get away from you! You were mean and cruel to her! Not to mention you and Erick beat the crap out of her, raped her, and got her pregnant!” Tristan snaps back.

Screenshot-9“Sorry to interrupt, but the girl and boy are both missing,” Rene tells Austin. “What!?! You!!” Austin snaps and points at Tristan. Before Tristan can get a single word in, Austin has him by the neck.

Screenshot-10“Did you really think you could set them all free, and that none of us would notice they were missing?” Austin says with a cold tone, and sinks his teeth into Tristan’s neck. As soon as nightfall arrives, we are setting out to find them. They couldn’t have gotten very far since they’re on foot,” Austin announces.

Screenshot-13With nightfall approaching, Austin, Rene, and Erick head into the forest to find their missing hostages. As they arrive in the middle of the forest close to where Shelly had her baby, Austin catches the scent of Shelly, Arthur, and Melina, and the hunt is on. He follows it to the edge of the river where he finds the remains of a small fire pit.

Screenshot-12“Someone must have either died here, or has been hurt pretty badly,” Rene tells Austin as she points to a blood stain on the ground.

Screenshot-14Suddenly Austin, Rene, and Erick hear a rustle in the bushes, where they find Carolin, and her guards as they’re passing through.

Screenshot-15“Stop right there,” Austin hisses with clenched teeth. “I could smell you coming,” Austin snarls at Carolin as he rips her off of her horse. “You two stay on your horses” Rene commands.

Screenshot-16 He then takes a large sniff at her neck and sighs, “Where is that delicious aroma coming from? I know it’s not the stench of vampire!” Austin snaps.

Screenshot-18“My business is no concern of yours! You destroyed my home, so why should I tell you anything?” Carolin hisses at Austin with clenched teeth.

Screenshot-17 “Because if you don’t tell us, we’ll find your precious Stephan and Rohan and snap their necks. We can even do better than that by giving you the honor of watching us turn them” Austin snaps back.

Screenshot-19Carolin’s blood starts to boil as she paces back and forth. “What do I get in return if I show you the way?” Carolin asks in a cold tone.

Screenshot-20“Wow! They said you were a cold hearted one! Even the threat of turning your loved ones can’t make you cooperate. What did you have in mind?” Austin asks.

Screenshot-21“I want my kingdom restored, and your kind as far away from it as possible,” Carolin demands. “Those are high demands for one faerie,” Austin raises a brow. “This is not one mere faerie, but a kingdom of them” Carolin laughs.

Screenshot-22“You lead us to the source of the scent, and your loved ones will be safe. If what you say about this faerie kingdom is true, you have our word that we will never step foot in your kingdom again” Austin offers. “Done!” Carolin replies, and leads the way to Brendlewood.

Chapter – 43

ScreenshotStephan is able to sneak away from the battle with the Lycans and tries to wake Carolin once more. “Come on darling, the castle is under attack, and we won’t get far on foot if I carry you,” he begs as he tries to shake her awake.

Screenshot-2To Stephan’s surprise, Carolin stretches and opens her beautiful red eyes. Those red eyes he thought he would never see again. “We need to get out of here, the whole place is on fire. Lestat is downstairs trying to contain the Lycans,” he tells Carolin. Carolin nods in response and leaves with him. They head back to their house in Moonlight Falls, where they kept Lestat and his family hidden for a while.

Screenshot-3 A few weeks pass since the Kingdom of Dragon Valley fell. Carolin and Stephan are practically broke since this is the second attack on their kingdom.”I have an idea! I can travel to the kingdom of Brendlewood to get some donations to help rebuild Dragon Valley. I’m sure I can convince them to help us,” Carolin tells Stephan.

Screenshot-4“That’s a grand idea, but how exactly can you convince them to help us? They don’t exactly take to kindly to vampires,” Stephan asks with curiosity. “That’s easy, we’re not just vampires, we are half vampire, half fairy, which is why I’m sure they will be more than willing to help us,” Carolin replies.

Screenshot-5Stephan agrees that it is for the best. Carolin then gathers supplies, mounts her horse, and starts on her journey to Brendlewood with two guards to accompany her.

Screenshot-6 After a full days ride, Carolin reaches the castle gates of Brendlewood. “Hault! Stop right there,” one of the guards demands. “Who are you and what is your business here?” The guard asks. “I’m Queen Carolin of Dragon Vally, and I’m here to see the King and Queen about helping with some donations for rebuilding my Kingdom,” Carolin replies. “Wait here, and I will see if the King and Queen will see you,” the guard replies. Carolin doesn’t wait long for the guard to return to where she is waiting. “The King and Queen will see you now,” the guard tells her, and she follows him inside of the castle leaving her her two guards with the horses.

Screenshot-7“Your Majesties,” Carolin says as she bows. State your business and make it fast. You know your kind aren’t allowed here!” Queen Cirrus says.

Screenshot-8“Your Highness, my kingdom of Dragon Valley has fallen due to another attack of the Lycans. I traveled all this way to see if I could possibly gather some donations to help us rebuild. My grandson Prince Rohan and his wife Princess Isabelle will be crowned King and Queen soon. Please your majesty, we could really use your help,” Carolin pleads.

Screenshot-7“The king looks at his lovely wife and nods in agreement that they should help. “Yes, we will help you. King Novus will send word to the bank in the village, and you can pick up the donation funds there,” Queen Cirrus replies. “Thank you your Majesty,” Carolin says as she bows and leaves the castle.

Screenshot-9Carolin, mounts her horse and heads for the village with her guards by her side, which takes them about fifteen minutes to arrive there by horse. She then finds a small building with a small sign that reads Bank, and hitches her horse to the post just across from the bank.

Screenshot-10“Can I help you ma’am,” the banker asks Carolin, as she enters the building with a smile on his face. “Why yes you can. I have come to collect the donation funds King Novus said he would give me to help rebuild my kingdom,” Carolin replies.

Screenshot-11“Ah yes, I have you on the list here. Carolin, Queen of Dragon Valley. I have your donations right….” he begins until Carolin’s guard comes up behind him, and holds him hostage.

Screenshot-12“You will fill the bag with all of the money in the vault, or I will have your family killed, and I will personally make sure you are there to watch as they scream in agony,” Carolin says in a cold tone. “I’ll do as you wish, just don’t hurt my family,” the banker shakily replies. The guard then lets the banker go, and follows him to the royal vault to make sure the banker does as he is instructed.

Screenshot-13Once all of the money is in the bag, the banker puts it into the guards hand. Carolin and one of her guards mount their horses, and head back to Moonlight Falls to gather Stephan, before they journey back to Dragon Valley.

Screenshot-11The second guard stays behind with the banker per Carolin’s request. He leans over and snarls, “You’ve done well peasant, but to ensure Queen Carolin is in the clear you will now close your bank for the remainder of the day. Just say it’s for personal reasons. I will take my leave once the Queen has reached a point of safety. Remember, not a word of this to anyone.”

Screenshot-15Meanwhile back at the campsite, I wake up cold and try to make out Dimitri’s tiny little face in the moonlight as I cradle him in my arms. Getting to my feet to look for more firewood, I gently kiss Dimitri’s cheek but he doesn’t seem to stir, and his small cheek feels very cold against my lips. “Dimitri? Dimitri?” I say as I gently coax him awake, but his little body remains lifeless. Quickly I grab a few nearby twigs, and start a small fire, providing some light. Once I can see clearer I notice his frail body has a blueish tone to it and he’s not breathing.

Screenshot-15“Nooooo!! My baby!!!!” I scream with tear filled eyes. “Somebody help us!! Please!! My God!!” I scream out with tears streaming down my cheeks, but there’s no sign of anyone. Nothing but silence and sound of the wind blowing the leaves of the trees.

Screenshot-16I knew when I gave birth to him that it was too early. I scoop him up and snuggle with his limp body. “I’m so sorry my little Prince. I should have tried harder to protect you. I should have done everything I could to get out of that horrible place. I shouldn’t have let them…..,” I trail off as tears stream down my cheeks that make my bruised face sting.

Screenshot-18I can’t just sit here and hold him. I don’t know how many hours he has been dead, and the body will start to smell soon. I then find a good spot in front of a big boulder, bury him, and collapse to the ground in tears.

RIP Prince DimitriThrough tear filled eyes, I find a rock that I can carve a message with and write: “RIP Prince Dimitri.” I know I didn’t have him in my arms for more than a day, but I still felt him growing, moving, and living inside of me while I was pregnant with him. I miss feeling his little kicks that made me feel like I had butterflies in my stomach.

Screenshot-19I get back to my feet and head back to the campfire, which is almost out. As I place more wood into the fire, I’m hit with this horrible pain in my stomach that leads through my entire body. “Ohhh God what’s happening?” I yell out in pain. I feel something warm rushing down my legs, as I look down, I notice that I’m standing in a puddle of blood. I know for a fact that I’m not pregnant. What can possibly be wrong. Another agonizing pain rushes through my body, which makes me collapse to the ground.

Screenshot-20 “Somebody help me please!!,” I scream again with a pleading voice. But there still isn’t anyone in sight.

Screenshot-23The pain grows worse, and I don’t think there is anyone out there that hears my cries for help. “I’m going to die out here alone,” I think to myself. “Ohhh God help me,” I scream out in prayer as another pain rushes through my body, and the world grows dark.

Chapter – 42

Screenshot As soon as Tristan feels it’s safe, he comes back to check on me. “I have some important news for you. I have been doing some research in my book of spells. When they take you back to see Lestat, you must bite him, and release your venom into the vein in his neck. In just a few days, there will be a full moon, you need to bite him before nightfall,” he explains.

Screenshot-2“But won’t that kill him?” I ask. “No. He became human when he took the potion. You need to do this before the next full moon and he takes his true Lycan form. If you do this, it will make him half Lycan, half vampire, but stronger than both. Only then can he defeat the Lycans,” Tristan explains and quickly leaves the room before anyone notices him gone.

Screenshot-3 As days go by, I find myself getting sick more often. Maybe it’s all of the torture and beatings I’m getting on a daily basis that is making me sick? Oh who am I fooling. My period is a few weeks late, so I pretty much know for a fact that I’m pregnant. My big question is, who is the father of the baby? If Austin finds out, and I tell him I don’t know who the father is, he’ll just torture me worse than I can ever imagine. If I tell Erick…. I’ll get the same treatment. My only other option is to get out of here, but with a castle full of Lycans, I don’t see it being possible.

Screenshot-4Austin enters the bathroom to find me sick. “What’s wrong?” He asks. I sink to the floor after he asks me that question. “You will answer the question, and answer it truthfully. I know you have been hiding something from me,” he says as he grabs me by the wrists. “I’m pregnant,” I shout with tears streaming down my cheeks.

Screenshot-5“Who is the father?” He asks. “I… I don’t know,” I reply. Anger builds up in his eyes as he slaps me a few more times, this time hard enough to draw blood, and I jerk backwards convulsing in pain. “You little tramp!” He shouts. “How can you not know who the father is?” He asks. “Well when you and your little buddy Erick both come in here, and have your way with me, how am I exactly supposed to know who the father is?” I snap back.

Screenshot-6“Sooner or later Shelly, that fire you have inside of you will go out. You have no where to go, no where to hide, and no one to help you. There’s nothing you can do,” he says with a cold tone.

Screenshot-5“You said you love me. Is this the way you treat someone you love? I ask. “I remember the Austin I once loved, and you’re not him. The Austin I knew and loved so deeply, was kind, loving, caring, and would have done anything for me, even asked me to runaway with him and marry him,” I say with tears streaming down my cheeks.

Screenshot-6“That part of me has been long gone. You left me there Shelly. You left me bleeding out all over the floor. You did this. The way I am now is all your fault. I would have done all of those things, but you left me there to die,” he shouts and storms out of the room. “It’s not my fault,” I tell myself and hop in the bathtub to get cleaned up, and get into a change of clothes.

Screenshot-7 Tristan who is in the next room, hears all of the screaming, waits for Austin to leave the room, and once again rushes to check on me. “Shelly! Are you alright?” He asks with a concerned look on his face. I can’t even answer him right away, which makes him worry. “Shelly!” He calls out as he shakes me. “I’m far from alright. I’m…. I’m pregnant, and I don’t know who the father is. Austin got me to tell him, and he’s very angry about it. I need to get out of here! I need to get to Brendlewood,” I tell him.

Screenshot-7“Then I’ll help you get out of the castle. Tonight you will start your journey, but first thing is first, you need to bite Lestat once you have him alone,” he tells me. I nod in response, and I motion for him to leave the room so I can get some rest for the journey to Brendlewood.

Screenshot-8Later that night, the bedroom doors open, and Lestat enters. “I thought we should spend some time together, after all, we are still married,” he says in a cold tone. Fear runs through my body and I can’t move. I’m froze in my spot. “There’s no need to fear me, I won’t hurt you,” he says.

Screenshot-9 “You’re right. I think it would be great to spend some time together. I have missed you so much,” I tell him as I wrap him in my arms. “I have missed you too,” he replies and kisses me tenderly.

Screenshot-10He walks over to the bed and lays down. He then motions for me to lay next to him. I climb over on top of him, and straddle him. I know this will get his attention. He lets out a moan of pleasure and closes his eyes.”I have missed you so much, and have missed your touch. Put your hands on me my love, and love me like you did on our wedding night,” I tell him as I let out a moan.

Screenshot-11 I kiss his bare chest, and lay my head on his shoulder, while teasing him in pleasure. I caress his body, and tease him with my lips moving from his belly up to his chest, shoulders, neck, then ears, then back to his neck again. While he’s not expecting it, and we’re alone, I pierce my fangs into his neck, releasing the venom into his veins. His eyes roll into the back of his head as he falls into a deep sleep. I rummage through his pockets to find the key for the bedroom doors, and quickly set out to find Tristan.

Screenshot-12As I round the corner, I bump right into Tristan. “I was just coming to get you. Everyone is meeting up in the study, and it’s the perfect time to get you out of here,” he says as he takes my hand and leads me downstairs. “Were you able to get Lestat alone by chance?” Tristan asks. “Yes, I did just as you said, and now he’s passed out on my bed,” I reply. “Good! It will take a few days for the transformation to take place,” he explains. “What about Melina and Arthur? Lestat said to bring them with me,” I ask him. “I’ll get them out when I can, they have them locked up in different rooms, and have them heavily guarded. Don’t worry, I’ll get them out of here, right now you have to focus on yourself,” he says. I nod in response and follow him outside.

Screenshot-13“Just run through the forest, it’s a full days travel by foot, but you better head out now, and get a head start before they notice you’re gone,” he says. “Thank you for everything Tristan, please keep Melina and Arthur safe,” I beg as I hug him goodbye. He nods in response and nudges me towards the forest.

Screenshot-14Running through the forest, I can’t help but to look behind me in hopes that Melina and Arthur are not far behind, but there’s no sign of them.

Screenshot-15 After running all night, I collapse to the ground in pain. I notice blood flowing to the ground that is kind of watery.

Screenshot-16Oh God not now! The baby has other things planned. It wants to be born now, and it’s pretty early for me to be giving birth, which has me worried. Running by myself is one thing, but to be on the run with a baby, can make things more complicated. After what seems like forever, I’m finally able to get back on my feet. At least I know that the baby and I are safe now that it’s daylight.

Screenshot-17Four hours later, and a few more deep breaths, a tiny baby boy is born. I fall in love with his little face instantly, and name him Dimitri since I have always liked that name. “My sweet little prince,” I whisper to him as I rock him to sleep. How can someone so innocent and cute, be conceived in such a horrible manner? It guess it’s just a way to show me there are somethings that are still good in this world. I just hope he didn’t get any of Erick’s or Austin’s traits.

Screenshot-18As I’m walking through the forest while carrying Dimitri, I come across a small camping spot, which looks like someone had already been here. I can only hope that whoever was here is miles away by now, or that I’m at least not intruding. I plop down two sleeping bags so that the baby and I have a place to sleep, and build a small campfire, which is small enough that the flames don’t give our position in the forest away. “We’re gonna stop here until late tonight. You and your mama can use the rest,” I tell little Dimitri, who is cooing in my arms.

Chapter – 41

Screenshot Suddenly a familiar face enters the room. I’m shocked at the face that is staring at me. “We have much to discuss,” he says as he throws me a fresh set of clothes.

Screenshot-2Once I’m dressed, and decent enough to talk, I come out of the bathroom. Tristan had given me a short black and white dress, which doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

Screenshot-3“I have something that I should have told you sooner. I used to make potions and such for the Lycans, and I used to live here with them. As soon as I figured out they were using me for my spells and potions, I fled their castle and never looked back,” he tells me.

Screenshot-4“What!?! You never told us anything about your past. Does Melina know?” I ask in shock. “No… She knows nothing of my past. I left on my own and went rouge. I have stayed hidden in my cottage not far from where Melina found me for four years. I was and still am afraid of my powers getting used for evil,” he continues.

Screenshot-5The doors open again, but this time it is Erick entering the room. “What are you doing in here? You have no business here! Seth is looking for you, and is waiting for you in the study,” he shouts at Tristan. “Very well then, I will meet up with him now,” Tristan replies and leaves the room.

Screenshot-6“Oh how I have dreamed of this moment. Just the two of us alone, with you looking very mouth watering,” he says as he corners me against the wall as he places his hand on my cheek.

Screenshot-7“Don’t you think Austin has done enough damage?” I whisper. “Oh no princess, this is just the beginning,” he replies with a grim look. Until you give us what we want, everyday one of us is going to come in here and do the same thing Austin did,” he says as he pushes me down to the floor.

Screenshot-8“Erick, please don’t do this. You were one of my closest friends,” I plead. He then slaps me hard, hard enough to make my head hit the floor with a hard thud. “I have always wanted this Shelly. I always imagined the two of us together. Of course it was always on the more romantic side, but this will do,” he says as he forces himself on me, only this time my undergarments are torn off.

Screenshot-8Still sore from last nights escapade, makes it so that every thrust Erick makes, causes me to scream out in pain. Just as I think Erick is finished with me, he then sinks his teeth into my neck as he sends another thrust into my body. Agony rips through my body until Erick is finished with me. “You’re just as mouth watering as Austin has described. I can see why you’re so precious to him,” he says as he grins and exits the room.

Screenshot-9 I curl up on the floor and just cry. “Why won’t they just kill me and be done with it? Why put me through all of this?” I ask myself.

Screenshot-10Weeks pass, and every morning I wake up sick with the need to vomit. I know the signs of pregnancy, but in fear of what they will do to me if I tell them, I keep it a secret.

Screenshot-11The following day, Austin enters the room. I have a present for you my darling princess,” he says with a evil look. Every time he looks at me that way, I cringe. I can’t help but scurry to the opposite side of the room against the wall, close my eyes, and brace myself for what is about to happen.

Screenshot-12 I open my eyes as I hear the door open and close, with the sound of footsteps that exit and then enter the room again. “Oh my!!” I gasp.

Screenshot-13 I fall to the ground in pure shock, as Lestat stands before me, with his eyes now a glowing golden color, instead of blue or red. Austin turned him, and now they’re sending him in here to torture me. “Did you miss me?” he asks with a look of pure evil.

Screenshot-14 He quickly moves over to me, and places his hand on my cheek. “You gotta snap out of this baby. I love you,” I plead. “If you love me then you will give them what they want!” he hisses at me, and smacks me hard enough to make the room grow dark.

Screenshot-15 When I wake up, I find myself in bed with Austin peering down at me. “I hope you enjoyed our present. Are you ready to give us what we want willingly?” He asks. “I told you, I’ll never give you anything,” I snap back. “Suit yourself,” he says as he beats me some more, and pulls me back onto the floor for more pleasure.

Screenshot-17 As he thrusts himself into me harder than he had before, I scream out in a painful agony. “Please stop! I can’t take anymore of this,” I plead as tears stream down my cheeks. “I’ll stop when I’m finished with you,” he snaps back and continues with what he’s doing.

Screenshot-16Once Austin is finished, and peers down at me. He climbs back on top of me like he’s ready to have a go at me again. I’m broken and I don’t think I can ever overcome this. “Please stop! I’ll give you whatever you want. I give up, just please don’t hurt me anymore,” I plead once more as the tears come full force.

Screenshot-16“So glad you finally decided to consent to what we want,” he says as he sinks his teeth into my skin. I can only scream in agony as the pain rips through my body, and blood seeps through his teeth.

Screenshot-17“Kill me and get it over with,” I beg. Once Austin is done taking as much of my fairy blood, with out completely draining me, he peers over my weakened body, and kisses my lips gently. “Oh no princess, this is just the beginning. Do you really think we were just going to drink that sweet fairy blood of yours once and let you go? Wishful thinking on your part,” he laughs and exits the room.

Screenshot-18 I roll over on my side, wrap my arms around my waist, and sob. I’m helpless, there is nothing I can do. I’m their slave now. How am I supposed to get out of here, and leave this place, along with getting Melina and Arthur out of here as well?

Screenshot-19Lestat’s last words to me as a human keeps running through my mind. ” Run to Brendlewood Shelly, run and don’t look back,” he told me. If only I can get out of here. I’m sure there is someone in Brendlewood that can help!

Chapter – 40

ScreenshotAbout an hour later, after the doctor takes a look at Carolin, King Stephan sends for everyone in the castle to meet in the throne room.

Screenshot-32“I have a huge announcement to make. The queen has fallen ill, and the doctor says she appears to be in a coma. We don’t know if she’s going to pull through, or……” Stephan pauses as tears stream down his cheeks. “If she is going to pass away. My son Lestat and I have been talking. As you all know, this is a huge decision I have to make, but have given it a lot of thought. I am stepping down as king for now, and Lestat is going to take over my court duties until further notice. I’m beside myself right now, and I do think this is best,” Stephan tells everyone.

Screenshot-3 Meanwhile outside of the castle gates, the Lycans are gathering to attack the castle. “What if we get caught?” Rene asks Seth. “The girl needs to know where the Lycan race came from, and what kind of powers she possesses. She can be of some use to us,” Seth begins.

Screenshot-4“What of the girl’s parents?” Erick adds. “We need her mother, and I have just the idea of how to get her to come with us. You all know what to do, now go in the directions I gave each one of you to get into the castle, and do as I instructed you to do,” Seth replies with a grim look.

Screenshot-7As Lestat stands next to his father to be crowned king, everyone hears glass being broken, doors being kicked in, and screaming and shouting from the noble men and women. “What in the world?” Stephan says as Seth, Erick, Rene, and Austin enter the throne room.

Screenshot-6“You have no business here! You must leave, or I will have you all hanged,” Stephan shouts. “Oh we have unfinished business here. You see your granddaughter and grandson have inherited something from us. It’s only fair that they know where they got their special powers from,” Seth says. “My daughter and son aren’t going anywhere with you!!” Lestat snaps back at Seth.

Screenshot-7“If you won’t let them come with us willingly, then we will take hostages, and turn them. How would you like your own people, the people you are dear friends with become one of us?” Seth snaps back at Lestat with a grim look on his face.

Screenshot-8Lestat loses it and attacks Seth, as Rene jumps up and kicks Lestat in midair, which sends him flying to the floor with a hard thud.

Screenshot-11I sneak away from the battle to find Melina and Arthur out in the courtyard. “The castle is under attack, and I need the two of you to come with me,” I tell them. “Who is attacking the castle, and why?” Melina asks. “There’s no time to explain,” I begin as a hand covers my mouth from behind, and everything grows dark.

Screenshot-10Hours later as I wake up, still groggy, I notice that I’m not at the castle, and I’m in a strange room I haven’t been in before. I’m dressed in a long silk white dress, which I also haven’t seen before. “Where am I, and why am I here?” I think to myself. I try to open the bedroom doors to only find that they’re locked.

Screenshot-12Suddenly the bedroom doors fly open, and Austin stands before me with a grin. I can’t help but cringe at the sight of him.”It’s nice to see you again Princess. We thought we would never find you again,” he says with a smirk on his face. “That’s because we didn’t want to be found. Why can’t you just let Lestat and I be happy together?” I ask.

Screenshot-14“Do you really have to ask such a stupid question? I still love you Shelly, plus you have something we all want, and you already know what that is. Lestat doesn’t have a bond to you yet. You would think by now he would have already found the spell, and used it on you, that’s if he really loves you like he says he does.

Screenshot-15“I’ll never give you anything! I don’t care if you still love me or not, the truth is, I don’t love you! I’m in love with my husband!” I shout as I’m starting to get angry. “Well sorry to bust your bubble princess, but if you won’t give us what we want, then we’ll just forcefully take whatever we want. There’s something I need to show you, follow me and don’t do anything stupid,” Austin commands. I obviously don’t have a choice, so reluctantly I follow him.

Screenshot-17 As I walk into the concrete room that is horrifying, I see blood splatters with what looks like a torture table. A stand alone chair sits in the middle stained with past victims blood. As my eyes follow Austin, I see a man that I recognize immediately with his hands bound behind his back. “Lestat,” I choke out. My heart is in my throat as fear grips me. Why is he here, and what plans do they have for him. I don’t want to think of what will happen next. I move toward Lestat, but Austin shoots me a look of I wouldn’t do that. I freeze in my spot.

Screenshot-18Austin stoops down in front of Lestat. Lestat looks scared to death, and I feel like running to him to comfort him. “You should have stayed at the castle, but no…. you just had to follow us. Now you have left me no choice but to kill you,” Austin says with a look of ‘I’m gonna enjoy this’ on his face.

Screenshot-20Without hesitation I pull at Austin who darts around in almost a defensive mode. My eyes grow wide as I drop to my knees in front of him.

Screenshot-20“Please don’t! He’s the reason I’m here. He saved me, remember? He helped me escape and he took care of me. If you were to ever do anything for me, please let him go. No one has to know that you set him free. I can’t handle losing anyone else close to me. It will destroy me,” I plead with Austin. “Shelly!” Lestat chokes out. Austin looks back at Lestat with a cold stare. “Be quiet,” he hisses through clenched teeth.

Screenshot-21Austin then walks over to Lestat and removes the blindfold. “I want you to watch so you can see what happens when someone such as yourself, tries to convince me to set someone free,” Austin hisses at me with a pure evil look on his face, as he sinks his teeth into Lestat, and throws him back onto the floor like a rag doll.

Screenshot-22“I’ll give you a few moments to say your goodbyes. I’ll return in just a few minutes,” Austin says as he storms off and slams the door behind him.

Screenshot-25 I crawl over to Lestat to try and comfort him. “I-I’m sorry. I tried to plead….” I begin and trail off as I stroke his hair. “This isn’t your fault. You can’t blame yourself for this, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Just know that I love you, and do what you need to do to get yourself and our kids out of here,” he tells me in a weak voice.

Screenshot-23“I can’t lose you again, it will kill me,” I tell him as I hold him closely. “You will never lose me. I will always be with you as long as you hold me, even if you can’t see me. We will always be together, and our love will never die just as long as you hold our memory in your heart,” Lestat replies. “Just promise me one thing?” Lestat asks. “Anything my love,” I reply. “Promise me when you get out of here, you will travel to a kingdom called Brendlewood. Make sure you tell them of our story,” he tells me as he’s growing even weaker. “I-I can’t leave you. You are my life, my love, and the air I breathe. I can’t go on without you,” I tell him in disbelief. “You can and you must. Run to Brendlewood Shelly, run and don’t look back,” he commands shortly before he passes out.

Screenshot-10 Austin comes back into the room, and takes me back to the bedroom I was in when I woke up. “Can’t you do something? You can’t possibly be that cold hearted that you would leave him to die?” I beg as I gently close the door. “Haven’t you learned anything yet, Princess? I can and will do whatever I want, just like I can also take what I want, either willingly or forcefully. Either way, I will get what my king wants,” he snaps back at me.

Screenshot-15“This isn’t the Austin I once loved. You have turned into some monster, and I regret ever getting involved with you,” I hiss at him. Austin then gets very angry, slaps me, and pushes me down to the floor.

Screenshot-26 “We’re gonna play a little game and your gonna like it,” he says with a grim look on his face, as his hands wander under my dress and up my thigh. Tears stream down my cheeks, and I begin to wish he would just kill me. What did I ever do to him to deserve such torture? The man I once loved is no longer within him, only a monster remains.

Screenshot-24 He tears my dress off of my body, exposing my naked skin. “Please don’t,” I begin to say as Austin places a finger over my lips, motioning for me to be quiet. “There’s no one to hear you scream, so there is no sense of even trying,” he says as he forces himself to gain entrance inside my body.

Screenshot-28 Suddenly a familiar face enters the room. I’m shocked at the face that is staring at me. “We have much to discuss,” he says as he throws me a fresh set of clothes.

Screenshot-29 Suddenly a familiar face enters the room. I’m shocked at the face that is staring at me. “We have much to discuss,” he says as he throws me a fresh set of clothes.

Chapter – 39

ScreenshotAfter the party Carolin still hasn’t heard back from her guard. She starts to wonder if he succeeded in killing Melina and Luke, as she had instructed him to do. As she makes her way down the corridor she runs into Lestat.

Screenshot-2“Oh how nice it is to see you my son. I was just on my way to meet up with your father. The wedding was a success, and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. I haven’t seen Melina or Luke in a while. Have you seen them recently?” Carolin asks Lestat in curiosity.

Screenshot-3 “They went with Tristan to see his family for a few days,” Lestat replies. “How nice, I’m sure they will enjoy that. I’m going to head up to bed now, tell Shelly goodnight for me,” Carolin replies as she heads down the corridor.

Screenshot-4 Carolin makes sure no one is looking when she makes her way down to the dungeon. She had told the guard to hide Melina’s and Luke’s body’s in the dungeon, so she figures that would be the first place to look.

Screenshot-5 As Carolin arrives in the dungeon, she notices a pool of blood on the stone floor. Someone had to be dead to have lost that much blood. Now all she has to do is find the bodies.

Screenshot-6Carolin follows the blood trail that leads to a cell. She is expecting to see Melina’s and Luke’s bodies in the hay, but instead she finds the guard dead inside one of the cells. She finds more blood, but no more bodies. “What could have happened to them?” She thinks to herself. Panic starts to build up inside of her as she makes her way back up to the main floor of the castle.

Screenshot-7 Carolin heads back to the throne room while everyone is asleep and summons an old reliable friend. “I should have had you do this in the first place. I have a situation that’s not to be talked about. In the dungeon I have a dead guard and blood on the floors. Cover the blood up and get rid of his body,” she demands Damien.

Screenshot-7“Then when I locate the two that I want killed, you will kill them, and get rid of their bodies. If you fail, you will end up like the guard in the dungeon. Do I make myself clear,” Carolin asks.

Screenshot-8“Yes my queen, I’ll get it all taken care of. As soon as I’m done cleaning things up, you can tell me where they are,” he replies.

Screenshot-9 Meanwhile Tristan and Melina are coming up with a plan of their own for her grandmothers fate.

Screenshot-13“I think I know exactly what we need to do. We are going to need a few spells for this,” he tells Melina as he opens his book, and searches through it.

Screenshot-12 “First we will need a spell to hide your identity. You need to look like one of her trusted ladies. Then we will need this spell that will put her in a trance so she can’t respond but she can hear you. This will make her appear like she’s fallen ill from poison. Then your going to love this one. This one will make it to where you can go into her dreams. There you can control what she sees and feels. This is where you can make her suffer the most, and no one will know what’s going on. It will appear that she’s asleep. Then after you have had your revenge, we will then poison her to death,” he tells Melina. “Your brilliant, and that’s why I love you so much,” Melina tells him as he continues to work on the potions.

Screenshot-14 Carolin and Stephan are eating their dinner alone with only a few servants serving them. It’s a nice evening after the wedding of Rohan and Isabelle. Inside Carolin is brooding, and trying to hide what’s going on in her head. She’s not sure if her plans are going to backfire on her, or if she’s going to get caught.

Screenshot-15 After dinner, Carolin and Stephan are talking when all of a sudden Carolin becomes light headed as the room swirls around her. Weak at her knees, the room blacks out.

Screenshot-16Carolin hits the floor with a thud, laying lifeless for a few minutes as Stephan tries to wake her.

Screenshot-17After a few moments Carolin stirs out of her sleep, with her head still feeling fuzzy. Stephan helps Carolin to her feet. “Are you alright?” Stephan asks with a concerned look on his face. “Yes, I guess Its been a long day, I’m going to lay down for a bit, I’ll see you in a little while,” she replies as she heads to her room.

Screenshot-18Carolin walks into her room and freezes where she is standing, when she sees Melina sitting on her chair. She isn’t able to move in fear of what she will do. “I thought you were…” Carolin starts to ramble on. “What dead? I knew you were evil, but I never thought you would hurt your own family. Your own grandchildren at that, but what can you expect from a monster, and that would be you not me,” Melina hisses at Carolin.

Screenshot-19 A bright yellow light with blue lightening surrounds Melina, making Carolin freeze with more fear than she can ever imagine.

Screenshot-20Melina’s skin turns to a fleshy pink and her amber eyes melt into a warm chocolate brown

Screenshot-21“What’s going on?” Carolin whispers almost inaudible. “Oh, well you were trying to kill me and my little brother. You gave Tristan the opportunity to cure us, not that there was anything wrong with the way we were,” Melina growls at Carolin.

Screenshot-22“But that’s ok, you will get what’s coming to you. You will feel the pain of all your victims. You will feel what you have done to all of us,” Melina continues. “You can’t do that,” Carolin replies.

Screenshot-23“Oh but I can. Pain!” Melina whispers as she throws a potion at Carolin, and she crumbles to the ground in pain. Carolin screams as the pain wrecks havoc on her body.

Screenshot-24Within a few minutes as the pain stops, Carolin tries to get up onto her feet, and collapses to the floor. She lays motionless with her eyes looking forward, and not moving.

Screenshot-25Melina kneels down peering over at Carolin, as she checks her pulse to make sure shes still alive. Moving her onto her back she closes her eyes. “Oh yes, I will be in your nightmares with you, and now it begins,” Melina whispers to Carolin.

Screenshot-26 A little later Stephan enters the room, and finds Carolin unconscious on the floor. Running over to her, he tries to shake her to wake her up, but she doesn’t respond to anything he tries.

Screenshot-27Stephan dresses Carolin in her night gown, scoops her up, and walks over to the bed to lay her down.

Screenshot-28 After he places Carolin’s lifeless body down onto the bed. He tries once again to wake her up, But Carolin still doesn’t respond to him.

Screenshot-29 Stephan begins to panic and screams for someone to help. “Help! Help! Someone has poisoned the queen!!” He screams.

Screenshot-30 Lestat, and the queens guards hears Stephan’s screams, and come rushing towards their bedroom. Lestat comes flying up the stairs, knocking the guards out of the way to get to his father to see what all the commotion is about. “What’s all of the screaming about,” he asks his father as he enters the room.

Screenshot-31“There’s something wrong with your mother! We ate dinner together, and then she suddenly started feeling ill,” Stephan begins.

Screenshot-30 “Why didn’t you come and get me sooner?” Lestat asks. “She….she woke up and, she said she was fine, and that she just needed to lay down for a bit. She got up and walked to our quarters on her own. Someone poisoned her, it’s the only thing that explains it!!” Stephan tells his son as he bursts out into tears.

Screenshot-32 “I…I don’t know what I’ll do without her,” Stephan manages to get out in between sobs. “Don’t think like that, she’ll pull out of it. Perhaps you should take a break from king duties until mother gets better, and let me handle things for now. You can’t even think straight right now,” Lestat replies. “You’re right my son. I’ll make the announcement as soon as the doctor looks at her,” Stephan replies.

Chapter – 38

ScreenshotMelina finds Tristan on the dance floor. “I’m going to put my little brother to bed when I find him, considering I promised him I would read him a bedtime story. He’s running around here somewhere. I’ll be back soon,” she tells him as she walks off.

Screenshot-2Little Luke is running through the halls bored of the party already, he is trying to find something to get into. Knowing everyone is outside, he is sure to get away with anything. As he rounds a corner he hears his name being called.

Screenshot-3Just for fun Luke hides under the table, thinking it will be a fun game to play.

Screenshot-4The man must be a guard, as he approaches closer to the table, Luke can see his boots. “Luke, where are you. Your parents are looking for you,” The guard calls out to him.

Screenshot-5 Little Luke crawls out from underneath the table to find that the guard has a stiletto in his hand. This scares Luke when he looks up to see that the man doesn’t look that nice either. Luke starts to scoot back toward the wall as the man starts to come at him. “I thought my parents were looking for me,” Luke manages to chokes out.

Screenshot-7 Luke keeps scooting, and it becomes clear that this guy isn’t very nice at all. “Oh did I say that,” he tells Luke with a smirk on his face. Luke knows he has to get away as fast as he possibly can. Luke kicks the guard in the leg, throwing him off balance, allowing him time to get to his feet, and run out of the door.

Screenshot-6 It doesn’t take the guard long to recover, and is fast on his feet, and after Luke.

Screenshot-8As soon as he gets close enough, he slashes Luke in the back causing a long enough gash that causes stinging pain to shoot through Luke’s back. Luke staggers, and falls to his knees to only feel the blade pierce his back digging deep into his flesh. A few more sharp pains and the world starts to spin. Luke struggles to breath, only to find that he can’t catch his breath. After a few moments Luke’s world grows dark.

Screenshot-9guard picks Luke’s lifeless body up and takes it into a cell in the dungeon that is not occupied. No one will know to look for the boy there, he can hide him there until he can find a way to hide the child’s body later. Feeling guilty for taking a young life, he gently lays the boy down that appears to be only sleeping. He keeps telling himself over, and over that it is for the best, and that these creatures of the night be destroyed.

Screenshot-10 When Melina walks into the room she’s grabbed up by the throat, suspended in the air, as her feet kick to reach the ground. Struggling to breath, while trying to pry the hand that is wrapped around her throat, she is helpless to do anything.

Screenshot-12“Time to die, the queen sends her regards,” the guard laughs at her, as he tightens his grip around her throat. Melina gasps for air that will not come, and soon blacks out.

Screenshot-13 Melina’s body slumps over, hitting the ground hard with a thud. She lays there unconscious and not breathing.

Screenshot-14The guard picks Melina’s lifeless body up from the floor, and heads to the dungeon, just as he told Carolin he would.

Screenshot-15Melina finally comes to, to find herself laying on a cold floor covered in straw. She jumps to her feet to see the same man that attacked her earlier, coming at her with a knife. She can’t react fast enough before he reaches her.

Screenshot-16A sharp pain shoots through her, as she looks down at the knife sticking in her stomach. Blood starts to seep around the knife, and she can’t move. The guard then twists the knife some more, making the wound bigger. Blood pores through the wound when the guard pulls the knife out. Slumping to the ground, she falls landing in the straw. The straw becomes red with the stain of her blood that spills through her wound. She soon becomes limp as the life slips from her body.

Screenshot-17 Tristan looks from room to room trying to figure out where Melina and Luke can be. He already checked their bedrooms to find that no one is there. So where would he look if he was a child playing in a huge castle?

Screenshot-18Tristan can’t find Melina or Luke anywhere upstairs. There’s only one place he hasn’t looked, which is the dungeon. He makes his way downstairs into the dungeon.

Screenshot-19 When Tristan walks around the corner, he notices Melina laying in a pool of blood on the floor. Tristan runs over to Melina, dropping to his knees, and begins to try to wake her.

Screenshot-19“Melina! Melina! Please don’t go, don’t you leave me. I love you,” he cries out as he strokes her cheek. Her ghostly look only brings more tears to his eyes when he realizes she is truly gone.

Screenshot-20Then without warning, Tristan hears the sound of someone approaching by the sound of the straw under their feet. Leaping up he is greeted by the guard that is swinging a knife. Tristan dodges the attack without any injury. The guard stops, looks at Tristan and says : “You will not win, they didn’t stand a chance, nor will you,” he laughs at Tristan as he charges at him with the knife again.

Screenshot-22Tristan doesn’t say anything, he throws up his hands while chanting something. The guard freezes right in his steps. “You underestimated me, you will be the one to feel the pain. You have innocent blood on your hands and you will pay,” Tristan tells him in a cold tone.

Screenshot-23Then with another swing of hands, the guard falls down and curls up in a fetal position. Screaming with agony is all he could do. “Pain, do you feel it? Your pain for taking an innocent life,” he mocks the guard.

Screenshot-24Then Tristan casts another spell and watches the life leave the guards body. The horror is only unfolding for Tristan. As he drags the guard into the room to hide him, that’s when he discovers little Luke’s body.

Screenshot-25When he props the guard up against the wall as if he were sleeping, running over to him, Tristan tries to wake him, only to find out that Luke is cold and unresponsive. When he rolls him over he notices the wounds that Luke has on his back. Tristan falls down to his knees and begins to cry. He has not only lost his best friend and love, but now he is looking at Luke that he has known since he was a baby.

Screenshot-26Tristan then leaves the guard and little Luke in the cell, and heads back to Melina. Pulling her up from the floor, he pulls her into his arms, burying his face in her hair as he cries. He can’t believe that she’s gone. He starts to blame himself for not listening to her when she came to him about her grandmother’s plots. Now it is all too real, she was taken, and he can’t do anything to bring her back. Or can he?

Melina and Luke, dead on the table Tristan chokes back his tears, and lifts Luke up to take him where his sisters body is resting on a table. He lays Luke next to Melina. Staring at them both he’s grief stricken at the thought that someone could do such a horrible thing. He has to fix this, and the book is the key.

Screenshot-30 Tristan desperately looks for a spell to restore Melina and Luke back to life. He searches through the thick book of spells. When he finally comes across a spell to keep a soul from crossing over, he quickly gathers all of the ingredients that is needed for the spell and goes to work.

Screenshot-28Mixing the ingredients in the order that it describes in the book, he begins to put the potion together as he recites the spell on each step.

Screenshot-29 After everything is added, the mysterious liquid glows a purple color. Tristan takes a glass vial out and fills it up.

Screenshot-31Walking over to Melina and Luke that lay on the table lifeless. Tristan opens Luke’s mouth and pours in some of the potion, then does the same to Melina. Within a few minutes their skin turns transparent, not moving at all. Tristan stumbles backwards in shock of their appearance. Tristan wonders if he did something wrong or messed up the spell, but just then Luke starts to move.

Screenshot-32Little Luke leaps off the table and takes one look at Melina who is laying on the table all gray, and see through. He begins to scream, but Tristan is right there to calm him. “Shh, Luke its me, Tristan. Don’t be scared,” he tells Luke as he steps closer to him. “I’m dead, that awful man……” Luke mumbles. “No your not, your just in between worlds, until I can find a way to restore you and your sister back to the way you were. This was the only thing I could think of until I can find the right spell,” he explains to Luke that still looks frightened. Moments later Melina starts to move.

Screenshot-33When Melina finally comes to, she notices that little Luke is crying. Shocked by his appearance and looking down at her hands to find out that she’s in the same condition, she slides off of the table, and begins to comfort her little brother.”Don’t cry, Luke. You’re not alone, and we are clearly not completely dead. Tristan will fix this! Mom and Dad don’t need to find out yet,” Melina tries to reassure Luke.”It was horrible, Melina. That terrible man, he…..stabbed me in the back, I felt the blood pouring out, and then everything went black. And now, look at me, I’m transparent, and I feel weird,” he tells her. “I know, I feel the same way too. That man stabbed me too, but we are very lucky to be like this and not completely meeting death. After she manages to get Luke to settle down, he heads off into another room so Melina and Tristan can come up with a plan.

Screenshot-34“What are we going to do?” Melina asks. “Look at me, I’m dead, I told you that she was up to no good. That man told me that the queen sends her regards before choking me to near death, and then finishing the job with a knife to the stomach,” she explains. “I don’t know, I found this potion in panic, I know there has to be a spell in the book somewhere to resurrect the dead or something like that,” Tristan replies.

Screenshot-35“We have to come up with a plan so that Luke and I can hide until we can find a way to fix this. If they see us like this, then everything that we worked so hard for will be for nothing, and of course Mom and Dad will freak out,” she tells him. “I know, I’ll make up an excuse while you look through the book to see if you can find something until I get back,” Tristan tells Melina.

Screenshot-36When Tristan leaves the room, Melina begins to search the book in hopes to find a solution. The text is so hard to read through, and she knows Tristan will find something much faster than she can. All she can do is hold on to some hope that she can find something and fast.

Screenshot-37Tristan heads back to the castle to see if anyone might be missing them, now that the party is coming to a end. “Oh Tristan, there you are. Have you seen Melina or Luke?” Lestat asks.

Screenshot-38“Oh yeah, she took him out to play. They will be back in a bit. I was thinking if you would allow it, that Luke and Melina can come with me later to visit my parents. If you don’t mind,” Tristan asks almost holding his breath. “Sure, I”ll tell Shelly so she doesn’t worry. You know her, she dose that a lot,” Lestat laughs. Now that Tristan knows it’s safe, he then returns back to the cottage to find Melina.

Screenshot-40Meanwhile back at Tristan’s cottage, Melina creates a potion that is supposed to cure the ghostly state she and Luke are in. Melina takes the vial into her hands and drinks the potion.

Screenshot-39As Tristan walks into the room, Melina is hit with a pain that is unreal, almost as bad as when she was stabbed. Her transparent body begins to flicker as if she threatens to disappear. Then suddenly…..she vanishes.

Screenshot-41With a flash of light that stuns Tristan, Melina reappears. Her body is restored like it was before she died, but with one twist. She is no longer a wondering soul of the undead. She is very much alive.

Screenshot-42 “Am I real? I feel real, but do I look real?” Melina asks Tristan with a worried look on her face. “Of course your real,” he replies as he strokes take her into his arms. “Not only are you real, you are just like me,” he tells her. “What do you mean?’ she asks confused. “Your skin is warm and pink. Your eyes are no longer golden, but brown. Your not cursed as they would call it,” he tells her.

Screenshot-43 Little Luke is next to take the potion. Melina tries to prepare him for the pain. Luke drinks the potion, and with the same results as his big sister, his life is restored to him.

Screenshot-45Luke runs to Melina with hurt, and relief flooding his emotions. “What if that bad man comes back to kill us again,” Luke asks. “No one will ever hurt us again, I will protect you from all that will harm us,” she reassures him. “But why did he want me dead?” Luke asks. “Not sure, but I think I have an idea. No need to worry, your big sister will take care of it,” Melina replies.

Screenshot-44 Melina scoops Luke up into her arms and hugs him tight. “I love you sissy,” he whispers. “I love you too,” Melina replies.

Screenshot-46Tristan pulls Melina into his arms. Revenge will be ours,” he tells her. “Yes, a horrible fate just for my grandmother,” she replies as their plot thickens.

Chapter – 37


A few months have passed since Isabelle’s father agreed to allow them to marry, and they couldn’t be happier.”Have you seen Dad around? I really need to speak with him.” Arthur asks Rohan. “I saw him in the throne room talking with grandmother about the wedding arrangements for Isabelle and I,” Rohan replies. “Thank you, I’ll head there now,” Arthur replies, and sets out to seek their father.


 Arthur finds his father in the throne room, just as Rohan said he would. “I’m sorry to intrude, but I really need to talk with you,” Arthur tells Lestat. “Sure thing son,” Lestat replies. “I’ll be right back,” Lestat tells Carolin.


 “You look puzzled son, what’s on your mind?” He asks Arthur. “Well…. You know how Emily was supposed to marry Rohan, but she told him her heart belongs to another? Well the other Prince she fell in love with, is me. Neither one of us meant for it to happen, but with Rohan not spending much time with her…we fell in love with each other. What I’m asking is….. is it possible for me to ask for her hand in marriage?” Arthur asks.


 “I’m not happy that the two of you were seeing each other, while she was betrothed to your brother, but I will speak to her father about you asking for her hand. Since he is still in town, now would be the best time to ask him. I will summon him as soon as your grandmother and I are done preparing for the wedding,” Lestat tells his son.


 Later that afternoon, Lestat and Carolin summon King William to meet with them in the throne room. “Your Majesty, my son Arthur has came to me with something I need to discuss with you. Arthur and Emily have fallen in love with each other, and he has asked for her hand in marriage. You will not lose an alliance, and she will remain in our family,” Lestat proposes to King William.


 “Yes she has told me a lot about their relationship. I love my daughter, and want her to be happy. I agree that he will be a good match for her, and I can see how much she loves him. We shall talk about the wedding arrangements once Isabelle and Rohan are wed,” King William replies.


“Very well then, we shall meet back here in a few days once things settle down,” Lestat replies. King William bows and heads back to where his daughter is staying.


 “Do you know it has been a few months since I got you back?” Rohan asks Isabelle as he holds her in his arms. “Yes, time flies, and my father wasn’t in a rush for the wedding to take place anyways,” Isabelle replies.

Rohan proposes

 “That’s why I have been waiting for the perfect time for this,” Rohan says as he bends down on one knee, pulling something out of his pocket. Isabelle stands there in curiosity at what Rohan is up to, and soon finds out as soon when he turns back around.


 As he turns, he holds out a little box that holds a beautiful gold ring with a diamond centered in the middle. “Isabelle, my love of my life, will you marry me?” He asks.


 “I thought you already asked me. I thought we are already betrothed,” She says as she stands there with a shocked expression on her face.”Yes we are, but I wanted to make it official, and for you to have a token of my love, and everlasting promise,” he adds. “Yes, of course I will marry you,” she tells him as she holds out her hand for him to slide the delicate ring on her finger.


 “You are too good to me,” Isabelle tells Rohan, as he pulls her into his arms, hugging her tightly.


“You are my world, Bells,” he replies. “Just think, we will be married soon. You and me, together forever,” he tells her as he kisses her gently.


 Only a few more weeks go by, and Rohan finds himself at the front of the chapel, in a nervous state. He feels excited, but scared at the same time. “Relax,” Lestat whispers.


 As the music begins, the doors open as Isabelle and her father enter. Everyone stands in awe, and stares at the back of the chapel as King Edward escorts his daughter down the aisle. Isabelle is in a beautiful silk gown with a flower in her hair, and a small veil for the final touch.


 As she walks down the aisle, everyone claps and cheers.


 After Isabelle’s father gives her away, she stands facing Rohan in front of everyone, and Pastor Adam begins the ceremony.


As the ceremony begins, Isabelle almost tears up, but in fear of ruining her makeup, she manages to hold back the tears.”Rohan and Isabelle, please join hands. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here in the sight of God to join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony. Which is an honorable estate, instituted of God in paradise, and into which holy estate these two persons present come now to be joined. Therefore if any man can shew any just cause, why they may not lawfully be joined together, by God’s law, or the laws of the realm, let him now speak, or else hereafter forever hold his peace,” Pastor Adam says, as he’s hoping everyone will hold their tongue this time.


Rohan and Isabelle, I bid you look into each others eyes. Will you honor and respect one another, and seek to never break that honor?  Will you share each others pain and seek to ease it? Will you share the burdens of each so that your spirits may grow in this union?  Will you share each others laughter, and look for the brightness in life and the positive in each other? “Pastor Adam asks.


“I will love, protect, and cherish everyday that you want me as your husband,”he tells Isabelle.


“I will love you, and be your loving wife till death do we part,” she tells Rohan. 


“As your souls are joined together now, so shall your lives and spirits be joined in a union of love and trust. Rohan and Isabelle would like to exchange rings now. The wedding ring is a symbol of eternity, and commitment which binds these two together. It is an outward sign of an inward, and spiritual bond which unites two hearts in endless love.


By the exchange of these tokens of your love for one another, so are your lives interlaced. What one experiences, so shall the other.  As love builds, so shall your bond strengthen. Rohan, place the ring on Isabelle’s finger and repeat, “With this ring I will take you as my wife, this will symbolize our union,” Pastor Adam says.


 “With this ring I will take you as my wife, this will symbolize our union,” Rohan tells Isabelle as he takes out a gold ring, and slides it on her finger, while everyone watches in awe as they exchange vows and rings.


 Isabelle then takes out a gold ring, and slides it on Rohan’s finger as she repeated what the priest told her. “With this ring, I will take you as my husband, this will symbolize our union.”


 After they exchange vows and rings, the Priest blesses their union as husband and wife. 


“You may kiss your bride,” the priest tells them.


Rohan pulls Isabelle into his arms and kisses her with a sweet, tender kiss.


  Then as the Priest pronounces them as husband and wife, Rohan spins Isabelle around to pose for everyone. Everyone breaks out in cheers, and begins to toss rice into the air.


 Isabelle is then swept off her feet by Rohan as he carries her out of the church with everyone following behind them.


 Outside which is now dark, Rohan waits for Isabelle to join him to head to the party.


  Scooping her up in his arms he kisses her gently as he helps her into his car.


At the wedding party, they have a special area set up outside in the royal garden, so everyone can dance and enjoy the beautiful night. Everyone joins Isabelle and Rohan on the dance floor as the musicians play music.


 Even little Luke and Luna are having fun goofing off on the floor as the adults dance around them. 


Carolin slips away from the party unnoticed. She finds one of  her special guards while everyone is still celebrating at the wedding party. “I need you to act fast, while no one is paying attention. The young lady and youngest boy that are cursed, I need you to kill them, and then we can place their bodies to make it look like a accident,” she explains to him.


“That will be no problem my queen. I will take them down to the dungeon until everyone is asleep and then I can arrange for their bodies to be moved. I don’t like killing little kids but I will do what you wish,”The guard replies.


Chapter – 36

Suddenly the chapel doors fly open once again, but this time a young man enters the chapel. “What are you doing? You come back with me this instant!!” The man with dark hair shouts. Everyone turns around to see King Edward (Isabelle’s father), standing in front of the doors of the chapel.

“Daddy! Wha….What are you doing here?” Isabelle asks. “You better be glad it’s me that is here, and not Prince James. Isabelle, did you really think coming here would change anything? All you are doing, is making us look like fools. Your wedding takes place next week. How could you even think about doing something as foolish as this?” King Edward says with an angry look on his face.

“I can not help who I fall in love with. I love Rohan. I always have, and I always will. A stupid law can’t change how I feel,” Isabelle shouts.

I have finally heard enough of this nonsense, and just have to say something. “Your Majesty, if you would be so kind as to join Prince Lestat, Queen Carolin, King Stephan, and myself in the throne room, we have much to discuss,” I ask him. “Yes, your grace, I think that’s a grand idea” King Edward replies.

“May I speak with you privately,” Rohan asks his father. “Of course son,”  Lestat replies, and he leads Rohan outside of the chapel.

“What’s on your mind?” Lestat asks. “Well….. I care a lot about Emily and even thought I wanted to marry her. I’m still very much in love with Isabelle, and still want to marry her. I don’t know what to do,” Rohan explains while pacing back and forth.

“Calm down, yes things happen, and when you follow your heart people may get hurt. If you choose to be with Isabelle, then be with her and set Emily free. She will find one who will want her and only her. If you choose Emily then you will have to set Isabelle free and move on. You will have to forget her, well maybe not forget, but guard your heart. You must give it all to Emily, and share it with no other,” Lestat explains.

“That’s the problem, I want Isabelle, but her father won’t allow us to be together. She’s betrothed to another that is mean and cruel to her. I wanted her to be my wife, but they tore us apart. I thought I could get over her and love Emily. I almost did until Isabelle came back into my life. It was like getting my heart tore out all over again. She’s like the air I breathe. I feel like I can’t live a happy life without her. She’s my one true and only love,” Rohan tells Lestat. “So you have chosen, now let me take care of the rest. Let me talk with her father and I’ll tell you what you need to do,” Lestat replies.

Back at the castle, Rohan is caught off guard when someone slams right into him as he rounds the corner.

Rohan is  knocked  to the ground a little stunned. “Oh my, are you alright?” a familiar voice calls out to him. He hadn’t really noticed who knocked him down, until he looks up to see Isabelle standing there with a worried look on her face.

“I’m so sorry,” she apologizes as she reaches down, and grabs Rohan’s hand to help him up.“What are you doing here,” he asks. “I guess you haven’t heard. This is very odd,” she replies. “Really, what are you doing here?” He asks again. “My father is in the throne room meeting up with your grandparents, and your parents, about what happened at the chapel. My father is going to speak to your father about an alliance, and marriage proposal between you and I,” Isabelle begins.“What! I can’t believe it, he really did do something. I didn’t think it was possible to do anything even though he did say he would take care of it. But what about you and your betrothed?” Rohan asks. “It’s not official yet, but they are meeting up now as we speak. It is still possible you know, that is if you will still have me,” Isabelle says.“I…..I don’t know what to say….. of course I’ll have you. I never stopped wanting you,” he tells her as he wraps her in his arms.“What about Emily?” She asks. “I have already talked to her, her heart belongs to another, just like my heart belongs to you,” he explains. “So you broke it off with her?” she asks. “Not exactly, take a walk with me and I’ll explain it all,” he tells her as he leads her into the garden.“I thought I had fallen for her, and had moved on, until you busted in on my wedding. Problem is, I still care for her. Emily told me that I need to decide between you and her,” Rohan explains.“So have you decided?” Isabelle asks unsure of his answer.Rohan just turns toward Isabelle and lets out a small laugh. “I don’t even need to answer that. It just depends on if your father will let me marry you or not,” he replies. “That’s where I was heading when I ran you over,” she tells him. “I’ll meet up with you there in a bit,” he replies. They part ways, and she heads into the castle, while Rohan heads to find his father.Meanwhile in the throne room, Lestat meets up with King Edward. “I apologize that my daughter interrupted the wedding, and for her behavior. I was out this way on business, and had no idea she took off,” King Edward says.“There’s no need to apologize for your daughter. I was waiting for the right moment to discuss this matter to you, and now that my son has made his decision, I can. I want to ask you to reconsider the alliance, and for the hand of your daughter to marry son, Rohan,” Lestat tells King Edward.King Stephan,and Queen Carolin join them in the throne room. She sits down and motions for them to continue. “Yes, I think that would be a wise choice. I love my daughter, and in light of what you have told me, and what she has told me, he is the right choice for her. I would be honored if they get married,” he tells Lestat. “Very well, lets summon Rohan, and see if he agrees to this, and will let his current betrothed free of the obligation,” Lestat says.Rohan meets up with his father and grandmother. “There you are my grandson,” Carolin calls out to him.“Your father and I  just finished talking to King Edward, and he has agreed to let you marry Princess Isabelle. I will release you from your contract with Princess Emily, if you so wish it,” Carolin asks Rohan.“Is this for real, they are going to let me marry her?” He asks with a stunned look. “Yes he is, and it’s now all up to you,” she replies. “Of course I’ll marry her, that was my wish to begin with,” Rohan tells his grandmother. “Very well then, we will tell Emily and make arrangements to make it right with her and her family. Now go and find Isabelle. I’m sure she will want to hear the good news from you,” Carolin tells him.Isabelle is waiting in one of the meeting halls. When the door opens, a unexpected person enters the room, that takes her off guard. She was expecting her father or Rohan, but who steps in is not someone she wants to see.“You little tramp,” Prince James screams at Isabelle, as he slaps her so hard, that it knocks her several feet back. “You thought I wouldn’t find out,” James scolds Isabelle. Fear runs through her as he steps closer to hit her again.Rohan enters the room, to see Isabelle holding her red cheek, with her betrothed standing before her. “Get your hands off her,” Rohan shouts at James. “Oh you thought you were going to steal her away from me? She’s mine, and I can do whatever I want to do with her,” Prince James shouts back. “She is now my betrothed, and they have done away with you. You are cruel, and King Edward would not have anyone laying their hands on her. If you think that you can stop me, well think again. I’ll have my father bite you,” Rohan tells him with anger in his voice. “We shall see, if your father comes near me, I’ll have him killed, and for good this time,” James smirks back.Rohan snaps, shoving Prince James in the chest, which knocks him backwards.Isabelle gasps as Rohan shoves him again. James falls onto the floor with a hard thud. Falling to the ground, smacking his head on the floor, James cusses at Rohan. “You will pay for this,” he yells at Rohan, as he starts to pull himself off the floor. Before he can get up, Rohan is on him, peering down at him.“Go ahead, I would love to see that happen, and I will attend your funeral afterwards,” Rohan mocks James. “Get off of me,” James shouts at Rohan. “Not until you agree to leave her alone,” Rohan replies. “Fine,” James huffs after realizing he was defeated. “If I was you, I would leave, and move on with your pitiful life. Find another that would be your pathetic punching bag, but I can tell you this, it won’t be her,” Rohan points out to the now frightened Prince that is cowering on the floor.After getting up off of the floor with humiliation running through him, he stands several feet away from Isabelle. Isabelle won’t move, she stands there too scared to say or do anything.“Apologize to Isabelle for slapping her,” Rohan tells him as he moves closer. “Why should I apologize to her, she’s a….,” before he can finish, he gets a look of pure hate, the look of ‘I can and will kill you look’ from Rohan. “Fine I will never speak to or see you again, it’s over between you and I. Hope you’re happy with your new boyfriend. I will not say anything more to her,” James grumbles. When he is done talking, he storms out of the room.“You will not have to worry about anyone hitting you ever again, I vow to protect you as long as I live,” Rohan tells Isabelle as he strokes her swollen cheek. “I need to talk to Emily, and let her know what I have decided, and that she is free from marrying me. My grandmother has set aside for her to have her own estate with her own servants. I will be back in a bit,” he tells her as he pulls her to his lips, kissing her gently.Rohan knows just where to find Emily. He heads up to her room, and knocks on the door. “Come in,” Emily chimes.“I know why you are here,” Emily says. “I know you have met with the father of Isabelle, and that they decided to let you be with her. So now I need to know, is it her or me?” Emily asks. “It’s her, I’m so sorry Emily. I thought I was really over her, until I saw her again, and that I was ready to move on and marry you,” Rohan replies.“Rohan, you know you are such a kind man, and she’s one lucky girl to have your love for her like you do. As I was telling you at the altar when Isabelle stormed in, just like you, my heart belongs to another, and I hope things will work out the way they did for you and Isabelle. In fact you know the other Prince very well,” Emily says. “I know the young man? I would have to say it’s my brother Arthur. He never stands up for anything, especially in front of a crowd of people,” Rohan says. “I never meant to fall in love with him, it just….. happened. I was so afraid that it would break your heart, which is why I didn’t say anything. I do hope my father will understand,” Emily replies. “I’m sure Arthur will come to my father about this issue, and I’m sure your father will happily come to an agreement. He won’t lose an alliance, and you will still be in our family,” Rohan replies. “I do hope you are right, and that I can marry my true love, and be happy like you and Isabelle will be. If you don’t mind……can I come to your wedding?” Emily asks. “Of course you can, you are always welcomed here. We will make sure you are set up with your own estate here,” Rohan says.That evening Emily is all set and ready to move into her own estate. “Keep in touch,” Rohan tells Emily as he gives her one last goodbye hug before she leaves. “Yes I will let you know when I get settled in,” she replies. 

Chapter – 35 Part Two

Emily heads up to her room to meet up with Lady Elizabeth and I. “Your dress has been delivered. We need to try it on you to see if it fits before the wedding tomorrow,” Lady Elizabeth tells Emily.Lady Elizabeth and I step back to look at Emily in her wedding dress after we help her put it on. I pin her hair up with hairpins, flowers, a small veil, and her crown for the final touch. Emily takes a look at herself in the tall mirror. “Wow! You look amazing, you make a beautiful bride, Rohan is going to be stunned when he sees you,” I tell Emily.“It’s a perfect fit, now all we have to do is finish a few more things and you will be walking down the aisle by this time tomorrow evening,” I tell her. Emily looks at herself in the mirror, she looks so grown up,  it doesn’t look like she’s only sixteen.Later that evening, Rohan meets up with Emily, who is very happy to see him. He rushes into her arms and scoops her up. “I have missed you,” she tells him as she kisses him passionately. “I can’t wait until we’re married tomorrow and I can call you my husband,” she tells him. “I can’t wait either, in fact I’m on my way to see my father to try on my formal tunic,” he replies, as he kisses her tenderly and heads out to find Lestat. “Ah there you are, I thought maybe you were getting cold feet,” Lestat laughs. “Nah. I know where I stand with Isabelle and grandmother is right, Emily will make a perfect wife for me. She’s beautiful, kind, caring, and very sweet. Plus she’s right before my eyes. I couldn’t find a better match even if I tried,” Rohan tells his father. “Sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself to move on and forget about Isabelle. I hope you really care about Emily and you’re not just settling for second best,” Lestat tells him. “I care a lot about Emily. She means a lot to me dad, and besides, it’s not like Isabelle’s father is going to let us be together,” Rohan says. “Well what are we waiting for? Lets get inside and try your tunic on,” Lestat replies and they enter the room.As Rohan’s looking at his reflection in the mirror while in a trance, he looks at someone he once knew. He snaps out of it when he hears his father starts speaking. “That suits you very well son. I can’t believe how grown up you are and I’m very proud of you. I’m sure Emily will be very pleased,” Lestat tells his son. “Thanks dad, I think it turned out very nice, I’m gonna go ahead and turn in for the night so I’m well rested for tomorrow’s events,” he tells Lestat. His father nods in response, and Rohan heads up to his room.Later that night ,while everyone is sleeping, Arthur meets Emily in the royal courtyard. She rushes into his arms and embraces him in a kiss. “I don’t know how much longer I can go on pretending to love someone who I’m not in love with. It’s just not fair! I love you, but my father says I have to marry Rohan, because he would be a good match for me. I didn’t intend for this to happen and I don’t wanna break his heart,” she tells him.“I love you too, but he is my brother. If he ever found out about us secretly meeting up, he would never forgive me. I can’t help but love you, you’re so sweet, kind, and caring. And did I mention beautiful? Who wouldn’t love you? I couldn’t help but fall in love with you,” he tells her as he embraces her with a passionate kiss. As Arthur kisses Emily passionately, he unties her dress, letting it fall to the ground, leaving her in her slip . He slowly leads Emily onto the soft grass as he’s kissing her neck.“Please don’t stop,” Emily pleads as Arthur’s eyes lock on her hers.“We can’t do this, if we got caught, my grandmother would be extremely angry and she would probably lock us up in her dungeon for treason or even worse,” he tells her. “You’re right my love, and I couldn’t live with myself if something bad happened to you,” she replies as tears start to well in her eyes. “Don’t cry darling, if it’s meant to be, it will happen,” he tells her.  Arthur realizes there is still much to be done before the wedding, and his parents are counting on him. He suggests to Emily that they turn in for the night, as tomorrow is a big day. Arthur gives Emily one last kiss goodbye and the both retire to their rooms.The following afternoon, the rest of the flowers and candles arrive to decorate the chapel with. Lady Elizabeth places the wedding notices on the doors of the chapel for everyone in the kingdom to see. “Everything is ready for the wedding this evening. I think it all looks breath taking. I’m sure Prince Rohan and Princess Emily will be very pleased with it,” Lady Elizabeth tells me. “I’m sure they will be as well. Now that everything is done, you and Lady Beth may start getting into your gowns and help Emily get ready. I’ll be in shortly to check in with you and help her with her hair and veil. The wedding will begin at sunset,” I tell her. “Yes your majesty,” Lady Elizabeth says as she bows and sets out to find Lady Beth.Once Lady Beth and Elizabeth are ready, they head out to find Emily who is in her room. Lady Elizabeth knocks on the door and enters as Emily chimes for them to enter the room. “Come with us dear, it’s time to get you to the dressing room of the chapel, and get you into that beautiful gown,” Lady Elizabeth tells her. Emily nods in response, and follows the two of them down the hall.Once they arrive at the chapel, Emily follows the two ladies up a grand staircase leading her into a beautiful dressing room. “Just step onto the stand, and we’ll help you into your gown dear,” Lady Elizabeth tells Emily. She does  as she is asked, and steps onto the stand as Elizabeth and Beth help her into her gown. Once finished, the ladies stand back in awe as they take in the scene of Emily in her gown. Shelly enters the dressing room an hour later to pin Emily’s hair up, help her with her veil, and places the crown on Emily’s head.Emily looks at herself in the tall mirror, and can’t believe how beautiful she looks.As she gazes at her reflection in the mirror she feels almost like a character out of a children’s fairytale book. “If only I was marrying Arthur, my true love, and not being forced to marry someone I don’t love, I would be a lot happier. I have to do this, there is no backing out now. Especially because my father won’t allow me to back out of it, even though I want to,” Emily thinks to herself.At the stroke of six o’clock that evening, there’s a knock on the door, and invite him in. “All of the guests have arrived, and we’re all ready to begin. All we need now is the bride,” he tells me excitedly. “We’ll be down in just a second,” I reply. Lestat heads back downstairs with the guests as I stay behind to get Lady Elizabeth, Lady Beth, and Emily moving.As we near the grand staircase, the music starts to play. “Elizabeth, you go first. Beth once she’s halfway down the aisle, you head down,” I tell them.Emily your father is downstairs waiting to escort you down the aisle. You look so beautiful in that gown. My son is going to be so happy when he sees you,” I tell her. “Thank you your grace,” she says and hugs me tight. “Alright, you really need to get down there before I end up in a big mess of tears. Besides, it’s your cue to walk down with your father,” I tell her with tear filled eyes. Emily then heads downstairs, and walks down the aisle with her father escorting her, as I take a seat next to Lestat.“You look gorgeous. You look more and more like your mother everyday,” her father tells her with a smile. “Thank you Daddy. I really do miss Mom, I wish she could be here today,” she tells him. “She is here, not physically, but in spirit. She wouldn’t miss this for the world,” he replies.“Are you alright my love?” Lestat asks. “Yes I’m fine. Our baby boy is all grown up, and isn’t a baby anymore,” I tell him as tears begin to fall. “My love, we all knew this day had to come,” Lestat says as he’s trying to be comforting.”I knew this day would come, but why did it have to come so soon?” I say as I sob uncontrollably.As Emily approaches Pastor Adam, she hands her bouquet to Elizabeth, and takes her fathers arm once again. “I present to you, my only daughter, Emily. I give you my blessing on this special day,” Emily’s father tells Rohan, as he places her hand into Rohan’s, and kisses her cheek. Emily’s father then takes a seat next to Shelly and Lestat in the front row.Rohan looks at Emily, and smiles. He is mesmerized by how beautiful she is in her gown, and he didn’t think she could be anymore beautiful than she is on this day.“Rohan and Emily, please join hands… Dearly beloved, we are gathered here in the sight of God to join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony. Which is an honorable estate, instituted of God in paradise, and into which holy estate these two persons present come now to be joined. Therefore if any man can shew any just cause, why they may not lawfully be joined together, by God’s law, or the laws of the realm, let him now speak, or else hereafter forever hold his peace,” Pastor Adam says. Suddenly the chapel doors fly open and a voice breaks the silence. “I object to this marriage!! There is a very good reliable reason these two should not be wed,” Isabelle shouts so all can hear and storms her way towards Pastor Adam.“I’m sorry madam, but the law clearly states that only a man can object and give causes for a couple to not be allowed to wed,” Pastor Adam, says as Rohan and Emily cross their arms in disbelief.“Then I object as well,” Arthur stands up and shouts. “Rohan looks over at the beautiful young Emily. “I’m sorry, but I can’t do this. My heart belongs to another, I haven’t told you about my trip to Paris because I didn’t want to break your heart. I have been in denial long enough. I’m truly sorry if I have hurt you, it was never my intention,” Rohan tells her.“I too have a confession to make. My heart just like yours, belongs to another. I can’t go on pretending to love you when I don’t. My father said you would be a good match and said the wedding must go on,” she explains to Rohan. Suddenly the chapel doors fly open once again, but this time a young man enters the chapel. “What are you doing? You come back with me this instant!!” The man with dark hair shouts.