Chapter – 71

“Which one of you gets it first?” Thatcher asks as he glances from Noel to Abel. “P-Please don’t kill us. We’re only following orders” Abel pleads. Elbowing Abel in the stomach, Noel says, “Shut up will you! Geez, you sound like a whining baby. We are vampires, we don’t beg the humans for anything!” ‘These guys are thicker than two short planks’ I think to myself. “Do you know which cell he’s in?” Thatcher asks. Shaking my head I reply, “Do you have this under control, so I can take a look around” I ask. “Yes I will keep an eye on these goons, go ahead and get him out of there.” Immediately I rush to the cells and start searching them frantically for Lestat. Swinging the last door open to see an empty bed the realization hits me, “he’s not here” I yell to Thatcher. “Didn’t your witch friend say he would be here?” Thatcher yells back. “Yes, but obviously he isn’t. All of the cells are empty, without a trace of him. Perhaps there’s another hidden passage?” I inquire approaching him. Thatcher shakes his head and says, “I’m afraid not. This is the only one, perhaps your witch friend was wrong about Lestat’s whereabouts?” Suddenly Noel grabs Thatcher’s sword and casts it aside. “You pathetic human, you didn’t really think that sword would kill us did you?” Noel sneers. “It would have if he decapitated your head!” I say sarcastically. Showing his fangs angrily, Noel lunges at Thatcher and suddenly falls to floor screaming out in pain, along with Abel. “What’s happening to them?” Thatcher questions. Before I’m able to answer his question, the sound of a woman chanting in Old Latin comes from behind us. Turning to face the woman, I notice no other than Elizabeth.

Glancing up at me, she says, “He’s in the last cell of the dungeon. You must hurry child, before Kristen’s two idiots come to their senses.” “But he’s not in there! I have searched every one of those cells” I explain. Elizabeth ponders for a moment before motioning us to follow her. She swings the dungeon door open, and asks Thatcher to stand guard outside of the room, as she hands him his sword. Thatcher agrees and takes his place in front of the door, and the two of us enter the dungeon cell. “You see, he’s not there!” I tell her. She smiles sweetly and says “nonsense child. He’s right in front of you.” “B-but I don’t see” I begin but she quickly interjects. Putting a finger to her mouth, she motions for me to be quiet. I give a nod in agreement, and watch her closely, as she waves her hands over the bed, and begins to chant again. Momentarily, a very faint image of Lestat appears on top of the bed, and within a few moments, his body turns into a solid form. Turning to me she says, “Kristen’s witch friend must have put a spell on these old dungeon cells. Lestat was here the whole time. You just couldn’t see him, because he was cloaked. In fact, no one would have seen him, unless you know of the very spell she used. Listen to me rambling on when we still have work to do! Go on now, pull the dagger out!” Reaching down, I pull the dagger from his chest, but nothing happens. “Why isn’t he waking up?” I ask worriedly. “Sometimes these things take some time.” she replies. Suddenly Lestat feels energy coursing through his very being as if being struck by lightning, jolting from his slumber, Lestat sits up, gasping for air.

“What happened? Where am I?” he asks. Sitting down beside him on the bed I reply, “It’s alright sweetheart. Kristen thought she won again, by taking someone that I care about away from me. Naturally she failed, thanks to your mother.” Lestat glances at me, and then notices the dagger that I’m holding in my hand. “Where did you get that dagger?” he questions. “I-I pulled it out of your chest. This is the dagger Kristen stabbed you with” I reply. A fit of uncontrollable rage washes over Lesat and he vanishes. “Now where do you suppose he ran off to? I hope he’s not going to try anything stupid” I ask. Elizabeth smiles sweetly, “Knowing my son the way I do, he’s planning to attack Kristen the smart way. My guess is that he’s heading to the forest to feed, and gain his strength. He can’t take on an elder vampire while he’s in this weakened form. That dagger that you’re holding, it really took it’s toll on him. Carolin’s witch made it to weaken him, to put him in a coma-like state.  May I see the dagger dear? I might be able to lift the spell on it, so that it can’t harm him again.” “I can’t believe this is happening. Seems to me he was better off without his stepmother’s side of the family in his life. All they do is hurt him. How can individuals such as Carolin and Kristen be so cruel? I mean after all, Carolin did raise him, and Kristen is his half sister” I inquire as I hand her the dagger.

Taking the dagger from my hand, she thanks me before replying, “The thing is deary, Carolin has a cold heart, and well, she only cares about herself. She doesn’t even care for her kingdom, or her husband. She only married him because the villagers wouldn’t accept a single queen, and they feared her. They needed a king, not only have an heir, but to lead them and to teach them. They needed to feel safe and secure. Although, they didn’t know she would marry such an aberrant failure, who’s willing to agree with almost anything that she see’s fit. Sadly their daughter turned out just like her mother. Cold, and cruel. The only difference is, Kristen at least has a heart. You just have to make her find it. I saw her heart melt in one of my visions. One where she had a baby boy. I also saw it break when she asked Thistle and Alex to raise it as their own. Like I said, she has a heart, you just have to make her find it.” I sit mouth agape before saying, “Kristen had a child? When did that happen?” Elizabeth gives a little smile, “All in good time dear, all in good time. Now, be quiet for just a moment, so I can concentrate only on the dagger, ok?” I give a nod in agreement, and watch her as she begins to chant. The silver dagger, slowly floats into the air, as Elizabeth continues chanting. A few moments pass, before Elizabeth throws the dagger onto the floor. “No! It can’t be! It’s impossible!” she shouts. “What’s impossible?” I ask. Shakily she replies, “I know the witch who put the spell on the dagger, and who is also holding your daughter hostage!”

I let out a little gasp before asking, “Who is she, and how do you know her?” As Elizabeth gets her thoughts under control, she slowly explains, “The witch’s name is Morgana. I know her because she is my mother. She taught me all about spell casting when I was young. I assumed she was dead after all of these years. I don’t know how she’s still alive, or what has happened to her since I moved to the village of Dragon Valley many years ago.” “Well, what can Carolin possibly want from her?” I ask curiously. “Carolin must have found her. Perhaps she persuaded her to join her kingdom. I don’t think my mother would have joined her willingly, because she always hated vampires, and hated the fact that the kingdom was ruled by them. I’m not exactly sure why my mother would have joined Carolin, but whatever the reason is, it must be huge” she says.

A few moments of silence spreads between us as I take in the new information. “Do you think Juliana is alright? You don’t think she would hurt her do you?” I ask but get no response. Turning my head towards her, I can clearly see that she’s in a daze. Rising from my seat, and placing a hand on her shoulder, I ask, “Hey, are you alright?” “Elizabeth, snap out of it!” I continue as I give her shoulder a little shake. Slowly blinking her eyes, as she snaps back into reality, she replies, “We need to find Lestat and gather a meeting with Thatcher in the throne room as quick as possible. I just had a vision, and we need to act rather quickly. I’m afraid this means life and death for your daughter!” “Life and death? For Juliana? Do explain!” I demand as I cross my arms. “Since Carolin took Juliana from Brendlewood, she’s been trying to figure out a way to drain her of her powers. In the vision I just had, I witnessed Morgana find a spell that will surely drain the little Princess. Of course she has to cast a spell that will age Juliana into a ten year old child” she explains. “A ten year old child!? Why does she need Juliana to be ten years old?” I ask. “Because, that’s how old your daughter will be when she begins to develop her powers. Carolin’s afraid if she waits until Juliana’s an adult, she will have more than enough power to bring her kingdom down. Well, I don’t think I need to explain it any further, as you know Carolin, and if she’s afraid of something, well…she needs to destroy it! Now, as I was saying, we need to find my son, and gather the three of you in the throne room!” Elizabeth replies. Giving a quick nod, I follow Elizabeth and Thatcher out of the basement and back to the finely decorated part of the castle. Pulling Elizabeth off to the side, I tell her that I’m going to head to the forest to find Lestat, and bring him back to the castle safely. She gives me a friendly hug in return, and tells me to be careful. I tell her that I will, and head out to the forest to begin my search.

As I enter the forest, the cold wind howls as the colorful fall leaves spill from the trees. Fall is among us, and in a few months, the snow will begin to fall. ‘The perfect weather for making snowmen, and for snowball fights’ I think to myself. It seems like I’ve been searching for hours, as I arrive in the center of the forest. A very loud ‘Crack’ sound comes from one of the trees in front of me, as it begins to fall. Running as fast as I can to get out of the path of the tree, I run right into Lestat. Turning to face me, his eyes widen in surprise before saying, “Shelly, you shouldn’t have come.” Smiling slightly I reply, “I had to find you. You’re mother had a vision, and needs us to meet with her and Thatcher in the throne room. She said it could mean life and death for Juliana.” “I mean you shouldn’t have come, because there’s a hunter on my tail. I’m sure we can lose him though. C’mon, I’ll race you back to the castle.” “Ha! Are you sure you can beat me? I mean you know I’m a little faster than most new vampires” I kid. Lestat gives me a little wink, before taking off as fast as he can. “Hey! That’s cheating!” I shout before chasing after him. As I catch up to him, Lestat says, “I think it’s wise if you enter the castle alone. By now I’m sure that my sister has found out that I’m no longer her prisoner. Don’t worry love, I can still get in. All I have to do is use a little vamp power to scale the walls. I’ll find you later. I would tell you where to meet up, but if Kristen confronts you, she will think that you’re lying and compel you to tell her where I am.” I frown at the thought of Kristen capturing him again, and I agree to his terms, before we enter the castle separately.

Upon entering the castle, Kristen greets me in the foyer. “Well now, this is a surprise. I set a trap for my brother, and behold I catch his lover instead. Come, join me in the sitting room” she says grimly. Giving a nod in agreement, I follow her into the other room. Standing in front of the fireplace, I can’t help but wonder what she has up her sleeve. Slowly approaching me, she continues, “I know you have been with my brother, and that you helped him escape. Don’t try to deny it, the two of you were seen in the forest together. You can either tell me where my brother is, or I can compel you to tell me. Either way, I will get the information that I want. So, we can do this the easy way, or the hard way. The choice is yours.” Folding my arms, I reply, “Just what makes you think that I will tell you anything?” Pointing her scraggly finger at me she says, “I have ways of making you talk.” Kristen then snaps her fingers, and her guards bring Logan to her. My eyes widen in shock as my brother approaches her with his hands bound together. “You let him go or I’ll-” I begin but she quickly interrupts. Folding her arms and squinting her eyes, she says, “Or you’ll what!? There’s nothing you can do. You can’t beat me, and you know that. Besides, I don’t want to hurt your precious brother. In fact I want to make a deal with you. More of a trade really. Your brother for mine!” Pondering for a moment I inquire, “If I tell you where Lestat is, you’ll let my brother go?” “You have my word” Kristen replies. “Just like that?” I carefully question. Shaking her head she says, “Just like that.” “But I don’t know where he is. You can compel me if you want to, but I can’t tell you where he is, if I don’t exactly know where he is” I reply. “Then it’s the end for poor Logan here. Such a pity” she says as she grabs him by the throat.

“No-wait! I don’t know exactly where he is, but I can tell you where to begin to look” I blurt out. Shoving Logan into the hands of her guards, Kristen approaches me and questions, “Where exactly do I start looking for my brother?” “He’s somewhere in the castle. That’s all I can tell you.” Grabbing me by the arms, and looking deep into my eyes, she says, “Nonsense. My brother wouldn’t be so stupid as to hide here. I have eyes all over this castle, surely someone would have seen him.” “I wasn’t lying. I told you that I don’t know where he is” I tell her. Her pupils grow small, and the color of her eyes go dark as she compels me to tell her where Lestat is. “Alright you little tramp, I’m going to ask you one last time. Where is my brother?” Kristen asks angrily. “I told you, I don’t know where he is. All I know is that he’s somewhere here in the castle” I explain. Slowly letting go of my arms, Kristen says with a conniving expression, “We’re going to play a little game. You either find him and bring him to me, or you can kiss your brother goodbye.” “Why would I bring him to you? All you and your mother have ever done is hurt him!” I yell. 

Grabbing me by the throat and lifting me off the floor, she says, “I’ve grown tired of your nonsense. The only reason I have put up with you this long, is because of my brother’s love for you. He betrayed me by killing Austin, when all he did was leave my mother’s realm to help us take her down!” Before I’m able to respond to what she had just said, Thatcher enters the room flanked by his guards, with his sword ready. “Take your hands off of my wife!” Thatcher shouts. Turning his attention to Archer, Thatcher says, “Arrest that creature for the act of treason!” Archer gives a nod before saying, “Miss Lioncourt, you are under arrest for treason, and the disloyalty of the King and Queen of Blue Haven. Guards, take her away!” As Thatcher’s guards surround Kristen, Archer approaches her with iron cuffs. Kristen loosens her grip from my throat, and I fall to the floor with a hard ‘thud’. “Do you really think you can take me that easily? That I would be willing to let you put me behind bars? I think not!” she sneers. Back-handing Archer, he falls to the floor and hits his head on one of the tables, knocking him out cold. She then snaps her fingers, and her guards attack the men and hold them hostage. Within a flash, she grabs Thatcher’s sword, and casts it outside of the window. Grabbing Thatcher by the neck she says, “Did you really think that a pathetic mortal like you could defeat me? Such a pity that I have to kill you. Don’t worry, I’ll let you die quick and painless, so as not to suffer.” 

Kristen then sinks her fangs into his neck, before Lestat shouts, “Leave these people alone. T’is I that you want, and I am standing here before you. I won’t let you harm these innocent people. I’m not going anywhere, and I’ll go with you willingly.” Rushing to Lestat’s side, I hug him tightly before whispering in his ear, “Sweetheart, no! You can’t go with her, she’ll kill you!” He kisses me gently on the cheek and whispers, “She’ll kill all of you if I don’t. I swore to your parents that I would protect you, and I’m not about to break that promise. I have to go darling.” Kristen shoves Thatcher down to the floor, and rushes over to Lestat. “My dear brother, playing the savior again I see. Well, never mind that. It’s about time that you came to your senses, but I’m afraid you’re a little too late. You see, your pal Thatcher over there doesn’t have very long to live. I’ve drained him of almost all of his blood. You and I both know that draining him like that will make his pitiful little heart work faster to supply more blood. His heart won’t be able to take it.” Giving her fingers a little snap, her guards kill the king’s men, and approach Logan. Two of her guards hold Logan so he can’t move, as one of the other men removes his ring before snapping his neck. “No!” I yell before rushing to his side. Tears slide down my cheeks, and I stroke his hair. He’s really gone this time, and there wasn’t anything I could do to stop this from happening. Guilt stricken and sorrow washes over me as I weep. I then grab all of the Gin and Rum I can get my hands on, and begin pouring it all over the furniture, floor, and my brother’s body. 

“What are you doing!?” Kristen shouts. “Everything is gone! My husband is dying, my parents and brother are all dead. Now, you’re going to kill the remaining love of my life! I have nothing left! This castle, is nothing but bad memories, ones that I no longer want, so I’m gonna burn it down to the ground!” As I head over to the fireplace, Kristen rushes to my side. Smiling slightly she says, “I can help you.” “I don’t want, nor do I need your help!” I snap. Approaching Lestat, she whispers, “You know what to do to help her. I suggest you do so before I kill the little wench!” Lestat takes me into his arms and hugs me tightly as I sob uncontrollably. “Listen to me darling. I can help you” he says as he wipes the tears from my cheeks. “You don’t understand. Everyone that I love dies! I’m poison Lestat. You better leave me before you die to!” I cry out. “Shhh. It’s alright darling. I’m not going anywhere. I can help you. Please, just let me help you” he says soothingly. “How can you help me?” I ask in between sobs. “Turn your humanity off” he tells me. Thatcher gasping in pain, manages to get to his feet before saying, “No! Shelly, don’t listen to him!” “Just turn off your humanity, and all of the hurt that you’re feeling right now will just go away” Lestat explains. “How do I turn it off?” I ask. “Just reach down, deep inside yourself. You’ll know what to do” he replies. 

Lestat takes a few steps back from Shelly, before Kristen approaches him. “Bravo my brother. I didn’t think that you had it in you!” she sarcastically says. Smiling slightly he replies, “I didn’t.” Giving him a puzzled look, Kristen says, “Oh but you did. You got her to turn her humanity off. A very brave thing to do, considering that you actually love her.” Turning to his sister, Lestat plunges a syringe into her arm, and injects her with a dark red liquid. Grabbing the glass tube, and throwing it to the floor, Kristen says in a weakened voice, “W-what did you do to me?” “I’m sorry sister, but you have caused enough trouble. I injected you with dead man’s blood. Now, my mother can help you, but unless you stop this madness, you can meet your maker!” Lestat tells her. “Y-you would kill your own sister?” she questions before falling to the floor. Kneeling down and smiling slightly, he replies, “I don’t want to kill you, but you’re not really giving me a choice now are you? While you had your plan set into motion, I was planning my own scheme against you.” Rising from the floor, he shouts, “Bring in the prisoner!” A few of Thatcher’s guards bring Ector into the room with his arms bound in front of him. 

“Exactly what are you up to?” Kristen inquires. Rising from the floor, and folding his arms, Lestat replies, “I know that you turned off your humanity, and that is why you have done all of these horrible things to everyone. It’s time for you to turn it back on, or your poor human lover gets it!” “I can’t and won’t do that!” she shouts. “Oh, but you will. You see, I’ve been trying to figure out why you’ve been stringing poor Ector here along, and I finally figured it out. You actually care about him, maybe even love him. Just like I figured out that the two of you share a daughter. Just think sister, if I can find out that you have a daughter out there, I can surely find out where you are hiding her. It won’t be to hard to track her down, just like I can track down Alex and Thistle to find your son! So, what’s it gonna be?” Getting to my feet, I grab the other syringe that’s on the floor next to Kristen, and plunge it into her arm. “Shelly, what are you doing? If you give her too much of that stuff, it will kill her!” Lestat shouts. Smiling slightly, I give a little shrug, before one of Kristen’s guards grabs me. “Let go of me!” I shout as I try to break free of his grasp. “No, Shelly. I’m trying to save my sister, not kill her.” Lestat says. “I don’t care. That bitch deserves to die after everything that she has done to us!” I yell. “Guards, take her Majesty into another room where she won’t cause anymore trouble” Lestat commands Kristen’s guards. They give Kristen a puzzled look, but she quickly gives them a little nod, and they remove me from the room.

Lestat shoves Ector away from him, and rushes to Kristen’s side as he notices her clenching her chest. “Something’s wrong. It’s getting harder to breathe. Am I dying?” she asks him. Cradling his sister, he places his hand on her cheek before saying, “Sister, your skin feels like it’s on fire! I’m afraid you don’t have much longer to live. You have too much of dead man’s blood in your system, and your body can’t handle it.” A look of sadness washes over Kristen’s face, as she turns her humanity back on. “I’ll never get to see my children again, nor will I ever marry. Brother, you have been nothing but good to me, and I have been just horrible to you. I don’t want to die knowing that you hate me, can you find it in your heart to forgive me?” she says as she wipes the tears from her cheeks. Tears fill Lestat’s eyes before saying, “I forgive you Sister. I just wish things could have been better between us. You were always so jealous of me. Even when we were kids, you were always afraid that Father was giving me more attention than you, when in fact, you were his favorite. I was always afraid that I would be a bad father just like he was.” Kristen places her hand on his cheek, “Nonsense Brother. You are a great father. You’re nothing like him. Your children will see that just as I have. I know I don’t have much longer, and I do want to be able to say goodbye to Ector. I just have one last thing I want to tell you” she says. Giving Lestat’s hand a tight squeeze she continues, “When Shelly gave birth to Elijah, he wasn’t the first and only heir of Blue Haven that was born.” 

Lestat sits mouth agape before saying, “Sister, are you thinking clearly? Even the midwife said Shelly and Thatcher had a son. Meaning only one child. She said nothing about twin boys.” Smiling slightly, Kristen replies, “Actually, I compelled the midwife and everyone else who was in Shelly’s quarters to believe there was only one child. I’m thinking very clearly my brother. Two boys were born, and Elijah isn’t their first born. He is the second heir to the throne. The other boy remains hidden.” “So….exactly where is this child?” Lestat asks. In a weakened voice Kristen replies, “I had Thistle take him to a village called Bradford. The town isn’t far from here by horse. If you go there, you’ll find the baby. The villagers there don’t like outsiders, so I’m sure you will find him with out difficulty.” “If the villagers don’t like outsiders, just how did Thistle manage to get a family to care for the baby?” Lestat asks. “That was easy. Thistle is from Bradford, and the villagers know her. It wasn’t hard for her to find foster parents for the child” Kristen replies. “Then I’ll gather my men to search for my son” Thatcher says before falling to the floor.

Meanwhile in the Queen’s chambers, Kristen’s guards stand guard outside of my bedroom door. Quietly I  crack the door open, to see where they are, and quickly close it again. Plopping onto my bed, my thoughts begin to race. ‘Just who does he think he is? He surely can’t think that he can keep me in here. Maybe I should just go back to that room and remove his heart from his chest! That man just loves to be under my skin, but maybe one day he can be of use to me. C’mon Shelly, think. You know you can get out of here, but how can leave this room without being seen and alerting the guards?’ I think to myself. Then it dawns on me! Daylight is approaching, and I know exactly how to lure the guards in here. although this may hurt a bit at first, but then again what’s a little bit of pain?” I think. Flinging the curtains open, the morning sun immediately pores into the room. A smile spreads across my face, as I brace myself against the wall, in the shadows. Taking off my sunlight ring, I quickly throw myself into the harm of the sun’s rays. Screaming out in pain, the guards rush out of the halls, and into my room, where they lead me back into the shadows, and close the curtains. “Majesty, is everything alright” the head guard asks. “Yes, one of the maids must have left the curtains open again. Thank you for coming to my rescue” I tell them. “You’re welcome Majesty. Is there anything you might need, such as ice or maybe something to drink?” the other guard asks. “Actually, there is something you can do, but there are too many ears in this castle” I reply. Motioning them to move in closer as if I were to whisper to them, I quickly reach out and snap both of their necks, before dragging them into my bathroom. 

As I enter the sitting room, I can’t help but to smell the fresh scent of Thatcher’s blood trickling down his neck. Within a flash, I grab Thatcher by the throat, and take a deep breath of the deliciousness I’m about to feast on. “Shelly, put him down! You know this isn’t right!” Lestat calls out. “Oh but it is! You know you want a taste. Why don’t you come over here, and we can finish him off together?” I offer. Rushing to my side, Lestat turns to me and places his hand on my shoulder, before saying, “No. This isn’t you. When you turn your humanity back on, you’ll hate yourself for killing him. I know there’s a part of you that still cares. Just turn it back on darling.” Giving a nod as I act like I’m actually considering on turning on my humanity, I sink my teeth into Thatcher’s neck. Lestat shoves me to the floor, and says, “Stop this madness! Shelly I love you, therefore I can’t allow you to do this!” Glaring at Lestat I reply, “Since when do you control my every move? For a change, I feel alive, I feel….free. You can’t tell me what to do, or try to control me. I’m not that pathetic faerie who was always afraid, and who was too fragile to handle her own affairs. Right now, I don’t care about anything or anyone, and I feel nothing. If you want to protect our food chain, then so be it! I will not protect them. From now on, I’ll treat them as they should be treated, which is for no other than food!” “Darling, I beg of you, please think about what you’re doing. You can’t go on like this. I love you….Thatcher loves you. Do you really want to push us away?” Lestat pleads. 

Getting to my feet, I approach Lestat and look him in the eyes, “I’m sorry, but I don’t love you. I don’t love either of you, nor do I care about the two of you. “Now, I have other things on my agenda. If you don’t mind, I’ll be on my way” I tell him. “Where are you going?” Lestat asks. “That’s just for me to know, and for you not to find out. It has nothing to do with you” I explain. Lestat stands mouth agape not knowing exactly what to say. Glaring at him, I say before leaving the castle, “That’s right, Lestat. For a change, what I say and what I do, has absolutely nothing to do with you or that idiotic human over there.” Lestat kneels in front of Thatcher, before biting his wrist and says, “You need to drink my blood Majesty. It will heal you.” Thatcher pushes Lestat’s arm away and says, “No! I know it can heal me, but with you and all of the other creatures here, how do I know that none of you won’t turn me? I don’t want to become a monster like you!” “Then I’ll have my mother put a spell on your chambers so that supernatural creatures can’t enter. Majesty, with all due respect, if you don’t drink my blood, you will die, and you will never get to meet your oldest son” Lestat tells him before sending for his mother. A brief moment of silence spreads between them, before Thatcher gives a nod in agreement. Lestat then puts his wrist up to Thatcher’s mouth, and he slowly drinks his blood. Within moments, The wounds on Thatcher’s neck begin to heal, and he begins to feel like his normal self.

“You wanted to see me?” Elizabeth says as she enters the room. “Yes. Mother, There was an incident, and I had to help Thatcher by giving him some of my blood. Can you put a spell on his quarters to keep supernatural beings out. He’s afraid that one of us might turn him” Lestat explains. She gives a nod in agreement, and waves her hands in the air as she chants, and then suddenly stops. Turning to Thatcher she says, “It is done. You won’t have to worry about any supernatural beings bothering you.” Smiling slightly, Thatcher thanks her. “Mother, I know this is alot to ask, but do you think you can help my sister now that she’s turned her humanity back on? I don’t think she’ll be giving us anymore problems” Lestat asks. “I do have a potion that can help her, but are you sure she won’t be stirring up anymore trouble around here?” Elizabeth asks. Lestat then tells her that he’s completely sure. Giving a nod in agreement, she gives the potion to Kristen, before disappearing once more. “Guards, can you see that my sister gets to her quarters? Her Majesty needs her rest” Lestat instructs. The guards give a bow in return, and carry Kristen up to her bed. Helping Thatcher to his feet, Lestat says, “Come now Majesty, let’s gather your men, and find your son.” “No, Archer will be leading my men for the journey as soon as he wakes, so no need for you to go along. You just find Shelly, and get her to come to her senses!” Thatcher instructs. “Very well, Majesty. I’m pretty sure I know of just the place to find her. However, with her humanity turned off, it may take some time to get her to turn it back on and bring her home safely. She attacked you, so you know just how dangerous she is” Lestat explains.

“Sorry to interrupt Majesty, but there’s a messenger from Stoneridge here to see you” one of Thatcher’s guards informs him. “Stoneridge sending word here? Please, by all means, send him in” Thatcher replies. The guard gives a bow, before leaving the room, and returning with the messenger. “Majesty, King Rohan and Queen Isabelle instructed me to bring you and your queen this letter” he says as he hands the sealed paper to him. “What is your name?” Thatcher asks. “My name’s Atkins, Majesty” he replies. “Thank you Atkins. Please stay while I read the letter, just in case I should need to send one in return” Thatcher says. “Yes, Majesty” Atkins replies.Thatcher slowly reads the letter, as a smile forms across his face. “Majesty, what is it? Is anyone hurt? Are they under attack and need our assistance?” Lestat asks. Thatcher places a hand on Lestat’s shoulder, you’re to be congratulated. Rohan and Isabelle have a son and heir to the throne. You’re a grandfather! Congratulations!” Lestat smiles widely, “A grandfather? I never thought I would live to see the day.” “Congratulations to you as well Majesty, for you too are a grandfather, since you’re married to Shelly” Lestat points out. Thatcher clears his throat, “Yes, well….thank you. Now about Shelly, you should head out to find her, I’m going to write a letter in return to congratulate the new parents on their new addition to their family.” Lestat then gives a bow, before heading down to the barn to ready his horse.


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