Chapter – 72

Almost a week has passed since Shelly left the kingdom. Every day the maids scurry about, performing their daily duties in hopes for her reestablishment, while the villagers live in fear of her extended absence. Lestat searched far and wide for any signs of Shelly, but sadly has returned empty handed. As he enters the foyer of the castle, Elizabeth stands, smiling slightly. “Judging by the look on your face, you haven’t had any luck in finding her. I on the other hand, think I know just where to find her” she tells him. His frown turns into a smile before saying, “I hope you’ve had more luck than I have, because I have searched everywhere I can think of. I’ve found trails of bodies across the country, but she was no where in sight.” “I had a vision of her, but I must ask you a question before I go further into detail.” Looking rather puzzled Lestat replies, “Of course Mother. You can ask me anything.” “Are you sure she turned her humanity off? I’m asking you this, because she returned to Dragon Valley to take on Carolin by herself.” “I saw her turn it off right before my very own eyes. Judging the way she treated Thatcher and I before she left, only confirms that she turned it off. What kind of a question is that?” Lestat says frustratedly. “Calm down my son, I’m getting to the point. Which is, she tried to kill Carolin by giving her some of the dead man’s blood that you gave Kristen. Naturally, since she isn’t as strong as most of the vampires there, she failed. She’s been arrested for attempted murder on the queen, and is locked in the dungeon. I’m afraid she’s scheduled to be executed within two days. You must go to her, and get her out of there before it’s too late!” Elizabeth exclaims.

Lestat hugs his mother tightly, “Thank you. I’ll bring her back, I promise.” Breaking their embrace Elizabeth says, “I know you will my son, but don’t you think for a second that I’m going to allow you to go there by yourself. I’m coming with you!” “Mother, I can’t allow you to come with me. It’s dangerous there, and the kingdom is overrun with vampires and lycans” Lestat says. “Which is exactly my point! I’m not going to let you go there alone! Besides, I know of a spell that will put the whole kingdom to sleep. We can get in there, get Shelly and Juliana, and get out of there without being seen” Elizabeth explains. “Well, then there’s no time to waste! Let’s get going!” Lestat says as he turns to face the door. “Wait. Why would we travel by horse, when my way is so much faster?” Elizabeth questions. “I thought only witches can travel by their magic” Lestat says. “Nonsense my dear boy. Just take my hand, and and we’ll be there in no time” she replies. Lestat then places his hand in hers, and Elizabeth closes her eyes, and begins chanting. Within a few moments, they’re standing on the border of Dragon Valley. “Now this is what I call fast travel!” Lestat says. “Now, I need a few moments of quiet, so I can begin the spell” Elizabeth tells him. Lestat gives a little nod, and watches his mother sprinkle a little bit of this and a little bit of that onto the threshold of Dragon Valley, before she begins chanting again.

Momentarily, Elizabeth opens her eyes and says, “Alright, everything is in order. The only thing that’s left to do now is to enter the castle, and get them out of there as fast as we can. The spell will only last for a few hours.” Turning to Elizabeth Lestat says, “Now, it’s time to show you a little magic. Climb onto my back as if I were giving you a piggyback ride, and we’ll be inside of the castle within the blink of an eye.” Elizabeth gives a smile in return as she climbs onto her son’s back. He grabs her firmly behind the legs so she doesn’t fall off, and within a flash, Lestat’s standing in the foyer of the castle. Carefully letting his mother’s feet touch the floor he says, “Do you know the way to the witch’s tower? I think it might be wise to get the little princess, considering Shelly’s humanity is still off.” Turning to Lestat, Elizabeth replies, “You won’t have to worry about Shelly. The spell I used has put all of the vampires and lycans in this Kingdom to sleep. Go get Shelly, and take her some place safe. I’ll get Juliana.” “I don’t think it’s very wise to split up like this. I think we should stick together” Lestat adds. “No, my son. Your Grandmother is still here. I can feel her magic. She can take you hostage, and use you against me. You mustn’t go with me. Just do as I said, and get Shelly out of here. I’ll take care of the rest” Elizabeth replies. Lestat gives a nod in agreement, and hugs his mother before saying, “Please be careful. I just got you back, don’t leave me again.” “Oh my son. I’ll be just fine, I promise. Time is ticking, you must go now. Get Shelly to safety” she says. Lestat agrees, and heads down to the dungeon to free Shelly.

Elizabeth closes her eyes, and begins to chant in old Latin, and within a few moments, she’s standing in front of the door leading into the witches tower. As she places her hands in front of the entrance, she can feel the magic coming from the force shield that protects the room from anyone who tries to enter. Grabbing a piece of paper from her corset, she recites the words, “Ilya ye man termáre- -esse front -o sina door must n- manwa or te cannot minn.” Within moments of the spell being broken, the shield disintegrates, and Elizabeth enters the room to find Juliana asleep on the altar, and Morgana stirring ingredients into the cauldron. Elizabeth slowly eases her way into the room, and approaches the altar, where Juliana lays. As Elizabeth scoops Juliana into her arms, the baby lets out a little whimper. Morgana quickly turns to notice the baby missing, and no one around her. Grabbing onto her amulet, she gets a vision of Elizabeth just outside of the castle’s doors, waiting for Lestat and Shelly. Furious at the very sight of someone trying to take the baby, Morgana waves her hands in the air, and teleport’s herself into the foyer to meet the very person who’s trying to steal the baby. Elizabeth gasps at the sight of Morgana, who is standing in front of her. “Well, well, well. Look who we have here. What are you some kind of kidnapper? Just how did you get past my shield? Hmm? No matter. I’ll just take care of you right now” Morgana says. “Wait! Aren’t you the least bit curious of who I am, or why I would be here to take the baby in the first place?” Elizabeth questions.

With a puzzled look Morgana replies, “Not in the very least, but I do find it a little odd how a complete stranger could take down my shield, and march into the room without being seen. So, yes. Do tell.” “Well, you see Morgana….I’m your daughter. That is how I knew how to take down your shield” Elizabeth explains. “Impossible! My daughter died a long time ago” Morgana says. “I can assure you that your daughter is very much alive, and is standing right before you” Elizabeth tells her. “If you are indeed my daughter, tell me something that she would only know” Morgana replies. Elizabeth nods in agreement before saying, “My father died before I was born. You taught me all about magic, and that our magic is pure and comes from the earth when I was a little girl. You and I used to have a strong bond, that is until I wanted to move into the village of Dragon Valley, in which you forbade me to do so.” “Lizzy?” Morgana questions. Smiling widely, Elizabeth says, “Yes, Mama, it’s me!” Morgana furrows her brow in anger before saying, “How dare you! How dare you come here, and interrupt my progress of the Queen’s orders! I told you if you left, it would be as if I never had a daughter. I’ve lived my life in peace, until now! Give me the child, and I’ll let you walk out of here alive. If you refuse, I’ll put you in a coma-like state until the day you take your very last breath!” Elizabeth’s smile turns to concern, “You know I can’t do that, and you know this isn’t right. If you’re afraid of the Queen, please let me help you.”

“A sickening smile spreads across Morgana’s face, “Me? Afraid of the queen? Ha! Don’t make me laugh! You poor stupid child. I don’t need your help! I am one of the most powerful witches in the realm. Even you can’t defeat me!” Just then Lestat rushes over to his mother and whispers. “Shelly’s gone! I freed her from the dungeon, and as I reached the forest with her, she came to and snapped my neck. I don’t know how long I have been out…but she’s gone!” “Awe. What’s the matter Elizabeth? Your bastard son return with more bad news? I can see the look of defeat written all over your faces!” Morgana laughs. Lestat clenches his teeth, and gets ready to lunge at her, before Elizabeth pulls him back shaking her head. “No my son. This is my fight, not yours. Listen, the spell must be wearing off. Quickly take little Juliana to her father in Blue Haven. I have a spell over the kingdom so that if anyone means any harm, they will fail to get in! Go now, my son, as fast as you can!” Elizabeth tells him. Lestat gently takes the baby from his mother, as Morgana bursts into a fit of laughter. Elizabeth and Lestat exchange confused looks, before Morgana begins to speak, “Do you really think that your measly little spells can defeat me? You can take the child wherever you like, but I will find her, and continue the Queen’s orders. There’s no magic that can take me down. You might as well just hand the child over to me.”

“Leave now, my son! I’ll handle your grandmother” Elizabeth instructs. “Mother, I can’t leave you. Surely you know that she’ll kill you!” Lestat says worriedly. “My son, that wasn’t a request, it was an order. Now, go!” Elizabeth commands. Lestat gives a nod, and within a flash, he and Juliana disappear into the night. Shaking her head Morgan says, “Tisk, tisk, tisk. Now you’re all alone, and with no one to help you. Hmm. Just what should I do with you?” After pondering about what sort of nasty things she can do to Elizabeth, Morgana continues, “Ah! I have just the thing!” Morgana waves her hands around in front of her, as she begins chanting. A pink mist surrounds Elizabeth, before she screams out in agony. “Oh, we’re just getting started my dear, and I can promise you, that it will only feel much worse than this! I’ll teach you to interrupt another witch’s spell!” Morgana says. “Let her go, before I put you down witch!” a woman’s voice calls out from behind. “I highly doubt that, but your welcome to try!” Morgana says as she continues to torture Elizabeth. Bolts of lightening surrounds Morgana, before entering her hands and traveling through her arms. Elizabeth falls to the ground, and the stranger helps her to her feet. “Quickly, grab my hand, and we’ll take care of her, once and for all” the strange woman calls out. Elizabeth gives a quick, but hesitant nod, and takes the woman’s hand, and link together as one, before the two begin to chant, “Omarh tosdoa wha eteleht- us -o sina evaile ar send -yes ana helliolo!”

Morgana clenches her fists, screaming in pain. “This isn’t possible. What’s happening to me?” Morgana manages to say, before her body grows limp, and falls into a coma-like-state. Removing her hand from the stranger’s grasp, Elizabeth turns to her and says, “What exactly did we do to her, and just who are you?” The woman replies, “I’m Charlotte, Larson. Don’t worry my dear. We didn’t harm her. The only thing we did, was drain her of her powers. She won’t be able to harm the little princess, or anyone else ever again.” Elizabeth stands, mouth agape before saying, “Charlotte? You mean the Elder Queen of Moonlight Falls?” Charlotte gives a little nod and says, “The very same my dear. I’m sure you have alot of questions for me, but unless you want to answer to Carolin, I suggest we be on our way.” “Where exactly are you heading?” Elizabeth wonders. “In one of my visions, I could see that you will need plenty of help. I came here to help you, and then return with you to Blue Haven” Charlotte replies. “Are you sure it’s a wise decision to come back with me? The King isn’t to keen on your kind” Elizabeth says. “Yes, well, I’m sure he’ll change his mind when he meets me, and hears what I have to say. After all, I am here to help. With me and my kingdom as an ally, Carolin might as well start packing. I’ve grown tired of Carolin’s wickedness, and kingdoms falling at her command. The word of Learia falling was devastating news, and I will not stand for that to happen again!” Charlotte explains.

Suddenly Shelly rushes towards us, with Lestat on her heals. Elizabeth places her hands on her hips before asking, “What is the meaning of this, and where’s Juliana!?” Stopping in his tracks Lestat says in a panic, “Don’t worry. Juliana’s with Thatcher in Blue Haven. Sorry Mother! There’s no time to explain! I saved Shelly from a witch who was going feast on her…..that is until she figured out that she wasn’t human. I also believe this witch is behind all of the disappearances of the children from the surrounding villages.” Lestat’s eyes widen as he notices Charlotte standing beside his mother. “Aunt Charlotte! What brings you here?” Lestat asks her curiously. “My dear boy, you know that I have my visions, and if things look rather ugly, I often come to help. In this case, Morgana won’t be endangering anyone else for a while” Charlotte replies. Within a snap of her fingers, Shelly falls to the ground. Lestat rushes to her side and cradles her in his arms, before looking up at Charlotte. “What happened to her?” he asks. Smiling slightly Charlotte says, “She’s perfectly fine. She’ll be asleep for a couple of hours. We can’t take any chances on her running off again, before we reach Blue Haven.” “A very wise idea indeed. Now, if you’ll both take my hand, we’ll be inside of the castle within the blink of an eye” Elizabeth says. Lestat, holding Shelly with his left arm, grabs hold of Charlotte’s hand as she takes Elizabeth’s, and teleport to the castle.

Upon entering the castle, the four of them appear before Thatcher in the throne room, who is performing his daily court duties. “What is the meaning of this, and who is this strange woman you brought into my kingdom without permission!? Thatcher yells, rising from his seat. Elizabeth turns to Lestat and instructs him to see that Shelly gets to her chambers, and that her guards are with her, before returning to the throne room. Lestat tells her that he will, and carries Shelly upstairs to her chambers. Charlotte gives a little bow, “Majesty, I do apologize for the intrusion. I’m Charlotte, Queen of Moonlight Falls, and I helped rescue your daughter from Carolin’s grasp. I’ve been meaning to speak with you for quite some time, but I wasn’t able to locate your kingdom until now.” Thatcher raises a brow, “What makes me so sure that you’re any different from the other foul creatures that are here!? Let me guess. You want to help us the way Kristen has helped this kingdom? Help yourself to our blood and take whatever you want? Is that your plan?” Smiling sweetly Charlotte replies, “I can assure you that isn’t my plan at all. I’m nothing like Kristen or Carolin, but I’m not like King Stephan either. In fact I’m not a vampire.” “If you’re not a vampire, then what are you to be exact?” Thatcher interrupts.

“I’m a Lanterian, which is short for the old ones. We’re also known as a blood witch. I’m cursed, kind of like Lestat’s father, but much different. Instead of being turned like Lestat, I was born this way. I stopped aging when I turned the age of eighteen. His grandfather, Alaric, is the same as me. He too was born this way. We are like vampires in many ways, but not the same. We are good, and can be cured, the vampires, however, can’t be cured” Charlotte says in sadness. “Alaric and I choose to remain this way, despite of what his mother’s wishes were. We chose a different path because this is the only way we have ever known” Charlotte explains. Thatcher ponders for a moment before saying, “How do I know you aren’t lying to me?” Moving closer to Thatcher, Charlotte places her hands on his cheeks. Showing him visions of her past and present. Thatcher lets out a gasp. Flopping back into his throne Thatcher says, “Sh-she’s telling the truth! Will we constantly have to live in fear that Carolin or some other vampire will come and kill us?”

“If you join me in an alliance, you’ll have my protection. Carolin wouldn’t dare try to start a war with your kingdom. I can assure you that your realm will be perfectly safe. The vampires and lycans will not come into my territory. I can honestly say, that Alaric and I are the only two people who Carolin fears. I have an army that would crush her within a snap of a finger, no matter how many vampires and lycans she has under her wing. Carolin thinks she’s so powerful, because she was the one who gathered the blood from Shelly to have Morgana create the moon rings, in attempt to take down the surrounding kingdoms.” Charlotte replies. “So…do you drink blood like the vampires?” Thatcher inquires. “Yes, we do, but our villagers donate blood to us, and we take care of them in return. We don’t force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. Think of it as we have our own blood bank. Our skin is really sensitive, but we can go out in the daylight, because of a spell the wizard’s son, Nolan found. That allowed him to create a potion for us. There are no others like us, only Alaric and I are cursed. However, I am the only one of our kind who can perform magic spells. Think of me as a hybrid witch with an army” Charlotte explains. “So you can guaranteed the safety of me and my people?” Thatcher questions. “You have my word!” Charlotte replies.

Rising from his seat, he shakes hands with Charlotte to seal the deal, before Lestat enters the room. Turning her attention back to Charlotte Elizabeth questions, “What of your grandson, Lestat, is he like you or is he like Carolin?” “Lestat was turned by Carolin, but he has Lanterian in his bloodline. There’s only one way to know for sure though” Charlotte replies. Turning to Lestat Charlotte calls him over to her. Approaching her, she places her hands on his cheeks, closes her eyes, and takes a long hard look into the day he was turned. Opening her eyes she says, “He’s mostly like Carolin, only he’s not heartless like she is. He cares about his family and the people around him. In fact, I think I can fix it to where he’s not like that evil queen at all.” “How exactly can you do that?” Lestat asks rather puzzled. “Now this is where I can show just how marvelous my magic really is. Elizabeth, would you be a dear, and grab the goblet over there on the table?” Charlotte asks. Elizabeth says she will, before quickly grabbing the goblet and handing it to her.

Charlotte thanks her in return, before biting her wrist, and holding it over the goblet, allowing some of her blood to trickle into it. She then closes her eyes and recites the words, “Símen tye termáre- yenya me perina veteribus, -esse faila pretium, tye indóme n- quanta Lanterea!” Once the spell is complete, she hands the goblet over to Lestat and instructs him to drink it. “Is it…safe for me to drink?” he asks. Charlotte gives a little frown before saying, “I wouldn’t be giving it to my only Great Grandson if it wasn’t safe for you to drink, now would I?” “I suppose not. After all, if you wanted to kill me, you wouldn’t have helped me after the lycans bit me” he replies before drinking the liquid from the goblet. Taking the cup from him Charlotte asks, “Well, how do you feel?” “I feel….different. It’s like I have all this magic burning inside of me, and I don’t really crave blood. I mean, the hunger is there, but not like it was before” he replies. “That means you’re not a vampire anymore. You can come home with us, where you’ll remain safe” she tells him. “What about Shelly? I can’t just leave her with her humanity turned off!” Lestat says. “Like you would leave her alone anyway” Thatcher sneers. “Don’t you dare go there! I’ve done nothing but help her! Where were you when she was captured by Carolin, not just once, but TWICE! Both of those times she was supposed to be in your care!” Lestat shouts.

Thatcher raises a brow in disbelief, “What about when you left her!? Do you know how much she cried for you at night!? You really wanna talk about taking care of her, I don’t call wiping out her memory, and placing new ones, or turning her into one of those things helping her at all! So if you really want to start pointing fingers at someone, why don’t you start with yourself!?” “That’s enough of this nonsense! You two arguing isn’t going to change anything!” Charlotte shouts. The two men quickly nod their heads in agreement, before apologizing and giving her a yes ma’am, before quieting down altogether. Turning her attention to Lestat and changing the subject Charlotte says, “Now, you were telling me, before we left Dragon Valley, about the witch who had Shelly as her hostage. Can you tell me a little more about her?” “Well, the best way to describe her is, when you first meet her she’s stunningly gorgeous, and quite friendly. You know the type. Long golden blonde hair, blue eyes, slender build, big….bust” Lestat begins. Charlotte shoots him the death stare, telling him to “get to the point.” “The type of girl a man can only dream of. She lures you to her little cottage deep within the forest, and wants you to eat all of the delicious meals she prepares to fatten you up. As soon as she thinks she’s have enough fattened up enough, she eats the very flesh from your bones. I could feel the presence of children there, but there were none to be found. This creature kind of reminds me of the old fairy-tale, Hansel and Gretel. Only she’s different. I only thought of that story, because I remember reading it to Melina when she was young” Lestat continues.

“I know of just the creature you’re talking about. If my memory serves me right, she’s called an Empusa, but it wouldn’t make any sense for her to take Shelly. An Empusa normally takes on a human form, either male or female, and acts just like the witch in your story book. Normally she feeds on children, not other mystical creatures, such as Shelly. That is, unless she is really a male who is looking to find a mate, and mistook Shelly as a human. I bet the creature was really mad when he or she found out Shelly is a vampire” Charlotte explicates. “She couldn’t have been a male. She tried to kiss me!” Lestat adds. Charlotte lets out a little giggle before continuing, “Then perhaps your little creature friend is a little confused, or maybe he’s bisexual….” Lestat then turns all shades of green, before running out of the room. “Well…that’s interesting, and we have had children in the village come up missing, but we thought perhaps the lycans were taking them to turn them. We never thought we would encounter one of those creatures, in fact I have never heard of them until now” Thatcher says. “Nor would you. These creatures are rare, and are hardly ever heard of. We encountered a nest of them in my kingdom two hundred years ago. I thought we had torched them all, but in this case I was wrong. There’s only one way to kill this creature, and that is by fire. It doesn’t have any other weaknesses. We must capture it and kill it, before anymore innocent people get hurt!” Charlotte tells him.

“Just how do you propose we capture a creature such as this?” Thatcher questions. Glancing at Thatcher, Charlotte smiles sweetly, “That’s easy, we just need live bait.” “Sounds like a plan. Just who will we get to be the bait?” Thatcher asks. Looking up at Charlotte, Thatcher notices the way she’s looking at him. “Oh no! Don’t look at me! I’ve been through enough of this mystical-supernatural garbage to last me a lifetime! She kissed Lestat, maybe she would prefer to have him instead” Thatcher says as Lestat enters the room. “I heard that! There’s no way I’m letting that he-she thing near me again!” Lestat shouts. Suddenly, the doors behind them fly open, and Archer enters the room, carrying a small bundle in his arms. He gives a bow, before Thatcher tells him he can rise. Approaching Thatcher he says, We found your son, just like Kristen said we would. The couple didn’t put up a fight, but they weren’t happy that we took the baby either. Can’t say as I blame them though. They have been taking care of him for a few months now. Majesty, may I speak freely?” Archer says. Thatcher tells him that he may, and Archer continues, “I couldn’t help but to overhear you talking about needing bait to capture something. I would like to volunteer, that is as long as I have back-up.” “Archer, there’s no way in hell I’m letting you go in there! You’re not only my best friend, but my best man as well. I’ll go in your place” Thatcher tells him.

“All due respect Majesty, you have a wife and children. I on the other hand, am not married, and I don’t have any children who would mourn me. It would be an honor to kill whatever this thing is to ensure the safety of our people. Please let me take this journey. Let me slay this beast for you and our villagers” Archer replies. Turning to Charlotte, Thatcher asks, “Do you think you can help us get rid of this creature?” “I can have fifty men or more ready to journey with your friend within a few moments Majesty” Charlotte replies. “Very well then. Archer, you may have this run, but I beg you to be careful. You have always been like a brother to me. Besides, my children will need their uncle to help their father keep them safe” Thatcher tells him. With a puzzled look, Archer questions, “Uncle?” Approaching Archer Thatcher says, “That’s just what I said. You have always been there when I needed you the most. Like it or not, you’re now a part of this family. Take a knee my brother.” Archer smiles slightly as he takes a knee before his king. Grabbing his sword, Thatcher says, “I hereby dub you from General, to Duke of Blue Haven. It is an honor from this day forward, to call you my brother, and my children shall know you as their uncle. You may rise, Duke Bronswick.” “I-I don’t know what to say Majesty. Thank you!” Archer tells him. “There’s no need to thank me brother. Now you have family to come back to, and await for your return. Please be careful” Thatcher replies. “I’ll return to you and your family Majesty. I promise” Archer tells him. Thatcher smiles widely before saying, “I’ll hold you to it! Now, go on and get armored up.” Archer gives a bow before handing the baby over to Thatcher, and heading to his chambers.

Turning his attention back to Charlotte Thatcher says, “Getting back to our conversation we were having just moments ago. You said you have an idea of how to get Shelly to turn her humanity back on?” “Yes Majesty. She hasn’t seen Juliana in such a long time. Has she had contact with the other children that reside here?” Charlotte questions. Thatcher then explains everything that happened with Shelly upon her arrival to his kingdom, before continuing, “So you see, we’ve had to keep Shelly from Elijah. We couldn’t take any chances on her trying to feed from him, but what does this have to do with her humanity being off?” “I see….however, I do think this is exactly how to get her to turn her humanity on. Do you think you can arrange the children to be in one of the rooms together? I think if we reunite Shelly with your children, she will snap out of this nonsense” Charlotte explains. Stepping forward, Elizabeth says, “Actually, I don’t think that’s a very wise decision My Lord. I do, however know of something else that will help….something that made her want to turn her humanity off in the first place.” “Well come on, out with it then” Thatcher scoffs. “Her brother, Logan…he’s still very much alive. I replicated the stone in his ring, and made him a necklace to wear. He was wearing that necklace when Kristen signaled her men to kill him. Maybe if she see’s him, she’ll turn it back on.”

Raising a brow in frustration Thatcher huffs, “And you’re just now telling us this!? How could you think this information wasn’t important enough to inform me!” “Majesty, I needed to be sure Kristen’s humanity was back on, and she wouldn’t try to have Logan killed again. You know how Shelly feels about her brother. Look at what she’s done to keep herself from feeling the pain of losing him” Elizabeth explains. “Listen witch, I don’t care who you are, from now on if I find out you’re with-holding information from me, I will have you arrested and charged with treason. Do I make myself clear!?  Thatcher shouts. Folding her arms, Elizabeth mutters, “Crystal clear, Majesty.” Turning back to Charlotte Thatcher says, “I’ll gather the children in the nursery. When Shelly wakes, I’ll summon her into the room.” “Sounds like a plan Majesty. Only, there isn’t much time left before she wakes. We need to hurry!” Charlotte says. The baby gives a little cry, and Thatcher looks down at him smiling proudly. Charlotte smiles sweetly, before clearing her throat, signaling they need to get everything ready before Shelly awakens. Thatcher gives a quick nod, and the three of them follow him upstairs to get Elijah and Juliana.


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